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Prayers for all those who have perished today...

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Today has become one of the most devastating in the history of this country. There are no totals as far as fatalities go, but the number is going to be absolutely staggering. (although, even one live lost is way to many)

My heart is heavy when I think of all the people who have lost mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children and friends.

To all the lives that are lost to senseless acts of terrorism, whether it be here, or in Isreal, or anyone.

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I am sorry, but a moment isn't going to cut it. Just the responsibility of praying for all these peoples is so overwhelming to anyone. Can you imagine what the responsibility of the medical staff is and how overwhelming that is. It boggles the mind.
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I have been physically ill since I heard this horrible news this morning. All I can think of is all the lives that have been lost, and all of their families. The United States will never be the same again in my opinion. I am right outside of Boston, where two of the planes originated from, and I keep hearing of all the families in this area that had family on one of those flights. My heart goes out to everyone involved. I hope they are able to find the people responsible for this. They deserve to die in my opinion.
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I am very weepy today. I have been since I got up and turned on the television. Just the thought of thousands of people dying at the hands of terrorists is very unsettling. What in God's name is happening to this world?

I work for a newspaper and the phone calls we are getting are chilling. One man called to say he spoke to a confidential informer who has it first hand that Islamic Gihad said the reason for the all of this is the United State's response to Israel.

Why can't everyone just get along. These blood thirsty terrorists are trying to prove a point by killing innocent people. I can't even begin to imagine what was going through the passengers minds just before they perished. It sickens me. I hope they find whoever it is that did this and rips out their hearts in the middle of rush hour traffic the way they've ripped their victims and their families hearts. May they all burn in hell and SOON!

I pray for all the victims and their families.

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My prayers go out to all the poor people who have died and for the people who have lossed relatives and friends,its so heartbreaking.
Britain is with you America in your sorrow.

Its a very sad day for America
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I want to say again as in the other thread how sick I feel for the families of those innocent people who have been killed and for your country. My prayers go out to you all.

Canada too is with you as well in your terrible sorrow.
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When people ask me why such a loving God as ours, would create a place like hell, I never know for sure what to say......NOW I KNOW!!!!!!!!!
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A lot of the churches in my area are planning to hold a special prayer service this evening.
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This thing is scary, it's basically all anyone has talked about all day. I feel so sorry for all those people who's lives have been affected by this. Why can't everyone just get along?

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've just been very busy, with school and other things.
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Hey Kittenluvr2001,

I agree with what you said. Why CAN'T we all just get along. It's a simple question. Why can't there be any simple answer???

Hope school is going well.

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I agree with kittenluver 2001 too. We should be able to get along. Unfortunately, there are people somewhere who are very happy about all the death and distruction. And anyone who is celebrating this horrible thing belongs in hell!!!
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My heart is breaking for the thousands who have perished. My prayers are with the survivors who have long roads to recovery ahead of them. I plead in earnest to a Merciful God that the ones that are alive, hurting, and as of yet unrescued may be found swiftly and watched over by benevolent Guardian Angels until help arrives.
How frightening it must be to wait and pray for rescue. . . . . . . I think these souls need our prayers most of all.
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I've just heard that people under the ruins have managed to call their friends and relatives. I can't imagine what they must be going through. My heart is with them and with everybody who has lost a dear soul in this hell.
The thing that scared me most was that there are people who are capable of rejoycing over what happened yesterday. My heart broke when I saw little children dancing in the streets. I wish God would forgive them. What I know for sure is that absolutely no one deserves to die in this way.
I am with all of you in my thoughts
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I agree with everyone in here, it's horrible. If anyone is happy about this they should have it happen to them.
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I shall remember the victims of these terrorist attacks in my prayers, as long as I live! Although the poor innocents are no longer with us, the sincerity of prayers on their behalf ought to in and of itself assure entrance into heaven for all the departed — except, of course, those who committed murder.

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