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I just got a new car!

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I just got a 2002 Chevy Impala metallic blue power everything! What a complete surprise, something Mike has been cooking up for awhile (I found out). It is beautiful- and I have news for my wonder German Shepherd dog, until shedding season is over, she is not going for a ride in it!
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My congrats to you , your car sound great

Oh boy , your German Shepherd will not like that at all LOL .
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What a fantastic surprise! You must be so excited! Care to show off your new car with a couple of pics? Better hurry before all your kitties claim it with their little pawprints!
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What fun...enjoy!
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I want pics too....

Nice car.

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Congratulations MA!

And how funny is it, I read the thread title as "I got a new cat!"

I think I need new glasses.
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Yay! Congratulations on your new car If your anything like me, it's just as tough for you saying no to your doggie that it is for him to be told no. I used to love taking Gizmo (my dog who lives with mom & dad) for a ride!
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When reading it for the first time, I thought it was POWDER blue. I reread and see it is POWER.

Congrats. anyway.
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Here it is! What was amazing to me was how badly the car dealership wanted my Suburban. They said they were looking all over for them. We bought mine in Alaska and brought it down with us in the move.

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Somehow the thought of all that dog hair on these

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The car is beautiful
Congratulations again!
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CONGRATS - Very nice indeed !!!

brummm brummm
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GORGEOUS, Mary Ann!!!! Oh, yes the Suburban is a VERY sought-after vehicle. We've got one, it's like an '87, and we're not going to let go of it until it completely gives out! Getting the front seat re-upholstered soon, as a matter of fact. It's really hard to find them used, and the new ones are definitely not inexpensive.

Congrats on the new car!! I'm STILL hemming and hawing over whether/what to buy, and my little Integra just keeps goin', and goin' and . . . (knock wood).

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Beautiful new car, MA!
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Very very nice, MA. And those seats look like my little Honda civic, they are just like grey velcro. One cat on the seat, all the hair transfers from cat to car seat. And the colour, shows all cat hair, light and dark. I find cat hair in the drivers seat, it transfers from my clothes to the car seat.

Well, at least I did, until I replaced the Honda with a new Saturn Vue. The cats haven't been in it yet.
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Congratulations, M.A.. Poor dog - couldn't you buy some washable seat covers?
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Tricia, knowing MA, I'll bet that dog is in that car very soon.
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Originally Posted by Kumbulu
Tricia, knowing MA, I'll bet that dog is in that car very soon.
LOL! That's what I figure, too.
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When I had upholstery, like that, I put a sheet over the back seat and the dog rode there.

None of my present crew has been in my car but, there is cat and dog hair in it - transferred from my clothes.
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Hissy, that is a nice car! Congrats! I think that is the same kind of car Brent bought for Brooke (his 19 yr. old daughter) a few months ago, except I think hers was a 98.
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Poor dog nothing!

She has two vehicles she can ride in. Until I get proper seat covers in there- she stays home. With her bad arthritis and the fact that she is so large, she would be very uncomfortable in this vehicle. She rides in the trucks-

Took my car out for a drive this morning- boy what a difference! And it can really scoot!
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That is a nice car. It helps a lot to see pictures.
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Congrats on the car! I love the color. Dont be letting that dog mess it all up

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Ok last picture I promise- Just such a far cry from my beat up old pick up truck or my suburban

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Congratulations on the beautiful new car.
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Georgous car MA! I'm jealous! I Love the color!!!!!!
You know you'll have a dog or cat in there soon enough! LOL!
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Mary Anne, me likey!Big congrats.. as MA said guys Kenai can still ride in the trucks.
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Very very nice! Now just get rid of the silly dealer plate!
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Very nice! I be you were ecstatic to find out what Mike was cooking! Congrats!
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