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Window Fighting

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I'm new to the forum and I need some help. I have just recently moved to a new basement apartment that has lots of windows and large window ledges so my cat can sit and watch the outside world. This is the first time that my cat has lived in a basement apartment and has trouble adjusting to outdoor cats being only inches away from her...separated by glass. She has been hissing and bawling at the outdoor cats who come by for a visit, and has even pounced into the glass trying to get at the other cats. Its really loud, and I'm sure that my landlord doesn't appreciate her fighting at 5am. Its really becoming a problem, and she has never shown any aggressive tendencies in the past. I don't know what to do. I certainly don't want to have to keep the curtains closed up, and I'm sure my cat doesn't want that either...any suggestions?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I had that problem by one window in my apt. It got so loud at times I thought the window was going to break. Since it is only one window I taped cardboard over it and then cover the cardboard with drapes.
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My cat had a mental breakdown this way except he redirected his anger towards my boyfriend. It was a real mess.
We discovered his problem must of been a cat outside. So we have put double sided tape on the windows so he won't look get on the window sills and see the cats outside
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If the cat outside is indeed a feral you can deter it away from the window easily enough. I would also suggest you get a black light flashlight and around midnight go outside and shine it around. My guess is there is urine spray all over the side of the house. Use a good enzyme cleaner to clean it up.

But to keep a feral away from your property, go to your beauty shop and ask the girls for the hair cuttings on the floor. (They will look at you really weird). But give them a large plastic bag with a sealed top and have them put the hair in the bag.

When you get home, sprinkle the hair liberally on the ground next to the window outside,and also around the house. The smell of human hair will keep the cat away (except if it rains).

Good luck!
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WOW !!! Hissy is there anything you don't know about cats. What are you some kind of Great Cat Sage ? I thought I knew a lot about cats, then you speak and I'm humbled
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How about putting that see-thru paper type stuff on your windows. It allows light to come in, but you really can't see through it. There are several different styles (at Home Depot) and you just put it on with water (and it can always be peeled right off). Maybe if she's not seeing them she'll calm down.

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I occassionally have foriegn cats come up on my stairs to check out my cats too and it causes a bit of a ruckus. What is most interesting about the times when this happens is that Audrey, who's usually a *very* quiet, calm, loving cat who loves the other cats in the house, is the one who flips out the most and as suggested by the article on Cat aggression on this site, she takes it out on whatever cat is next to her. This can get very ugly quickly as I'm sure you can imagine. And Audrey is no small cat either compared to my other cats.

Anyway, the ideas suggested for covering the windows so they can't see out are ok, except the fact that my cats love looking outside. No matter what do not get angry at your cat for being aggressive towards cat strangers. She's just protecting her lair. I'd say the best ideas are ones that attempt to stop the cats from coming around. The cut hair idea sounds strange but is really neat. Maybe even frequent sprayings of No-Chew spray or water mixed with tea tree oil or something like that might work too.
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Hey may also want to touch base with a group that works with ferals/strays to see if they can help to get the outdoor cats "spayed/neutered" (if they are unowned). If you provide the state you live in, I can see what groups are in your area.

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Thanks for the great ideas, I was really happy with the response that I have gotten from this forum so far. In the short term I have put some see-thru paper on the window, which seems to be the quick fix for the window fights for now. I've only had the paper up for a couple of hours, so we'll see how it goes.

I do agree that the best solution for my cat is to try and keep other cats away from our windows. My cat really enjoys looking outside and spends hours watching the outside world. I'm definately going to look into the hair cuttings and the sprays to try and keep other cats away. I'm pretty sure that the two cats that I have seen outside the window so far are not feral, as they are pretty plump and appear well looked after.

I briefly considered getting a second cat (kitten) to try and get her used to being around other cats, but I've also encountered alot of comments where the family cats started fighting each other (as was also mentioned in one of the responses I received). So for now the second cat is on the backburner. Please continue with any other suggestions you may have and I'll keep everyone posted as to whats working and whats not.
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Hey Slanger...glad that the paper is working. You would be surprised at how many neighborhood strays or ferals are rather plump looking because someone decides to feed them. Regardless of if they are owned or would be beneficial to these cats and to the neighborhood if they were fixed. I know this isn't your responsibility....but I just wish more people understood what a disservice they are doing to their cat by keeping it intact.

Good Luck and keep us posted.

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Could it be that they aren't plump but pregnent?
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Doesn't even need to be a strange cat for this kind of ruckus to break out...ours PLAY at it.

Our family room (basement) has a wide window, with a wonderful cat ledge, where all three sit to watch the outdoors from time to time. If one is on the ledge and another is outside, next thing we know the two of them are racing back and forth flinging themselves at the window.

Also, there's a small balcony off our master bedroom, with patio-style floor to ceiling glass door. Another spot they all love to watch from, and from time to time one of the others will come along on the outside to tease.

The only way we've ever found to stop the carrying on is to convince the cat on the outside that she wants to be somewhere else. As soon as that distraction is gone, all is peaceful again. For some reason, it is never possible to entice the inside cat away from the window, but it doesn't usually take much to distract the outside cat. Go figure. It does suggest, though, that the simplest way of dealing with the situation is to make the area outside the window unappealing to visiting cats.
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