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Is this normal?

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This has been happening for a while so I don't know I'll try to explain...

I got a kitten about 1 1/2 ago, then About 8-10 months after that I got another kitten for her to be pals with, now the older kitten is a long haired cat, and the younger one is a crazy little egyptian mau, now my long haired cat just LOVES to chill, lay down on its back, I've noticed that my younger car will just jump on my older cats back when it's chilling and the older cat will sit there crying, but sometimes the older one will just body slam it, lol. Are they just playing? Because my older cat sometimes meows when they fight and I noticed the Egyptian Mau's never really meow?
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Is your Egyptian Mau spayed or neutered? You didn't indicate what sex it was. If not, getting the cat fixed will likely calm down the behavior some. But still being a kitten, it will want to play.
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They're both females, they're both spayed, but the Egyptian Mau (Spot) is one crazy S.O.B. LOL.
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Sounds like pretty normal games and playfighting, to me.
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Yup...sounds like pretty normal kitten behavior.

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Then I amend my post, the EM is just being a typical kitten. Welcome to Kitten Kamikazee Kamp!
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LOL MA! :laughing:
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Ive got a two yr old(Rosie) and a 10 week old(Sophie).

Sophie jumps on Rosie like a trampoline bless her and Rosie just lets her . The only thing that does tick Rosie off is when she pounces on her tail
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I've had to remove all breakables from all tables because my cats (ages 1 and almost 1) run and roll and bat one another constantly. The only time they don't is when they are cozied up together sleeping. They make more noise than my kids with all the banging and carrying on.
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