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Wild Kitty Time

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I recently adopted a 6 month old Brown Tabby (Marmalade) from the Humane Society....she is a teriffic kitty kat:-) At or around 9 pm everynight she becomes wild kitty and runs from room to room 100 miles an hour and climbs and jumps on everything...this lasts for about 15 min everynight. Does anyone have any suggestions how to calm her down? She has knocked over the lamp twice and broke the light bulbs lol Thanks Jeremy
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Hey Jeremy....many kittens gets bouts of energy. Even my cats who are almost 6 years old have moments when they run around the condo like they are chasing something that only they can see. How much time do spend playing with your new girl?? Since you know she acts this way around the same time each night...perhaps you can redirect it towards a feather toy or a mouse. I'm sure others will have suggestions. Welcome to the site!!

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If she isn't spayed get her spayed, that will help. Interactive play 20 minutes before you head hits the pillow and a nice bowl of warmed cat food will help her sleep through the night.
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Hi and welcome to TCS

Have you try to play with your kitten for a while befor you go to bed , it always has given me great help ? Toys are great for your kitten to keep it busy , also a nice climbing tree , tall one to climb on is very good . Please remember she is still a kitten and will be active for a couple of month and so is very normal wanting to play . And btw , thank you for adopted at the Human Society
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Thanks Katie..I have learned so much from this site...its great..thanks for your reply..i do spend time playing with her but i guess not enough :-)
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Thanks Hedi..I appreciate it :-) Great Site!!
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She is spayed Hissy they did that at the Humane Society...thanks :-)
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Nilla does this every morning, and Purple every night. Nilla actually runs the perimeter of the apartment (including on the stove, on top of the refrigerator and in the bathtub) and then winds up in the living room floor chasing her tail for about 5 minutes. I'm rather used to it and find it amusing. I think it's just normal kitty behavior. Could you put the lamp in a more secure place?
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Rosie does this normally around 10.30 p.m., or should i say did!!.

Now i've got Sophie, they chase each other around like lunatics, but it does make them sleep
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It's called the night time crazies - yes there is a name for it!!
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My cats get the crazies too. Each of them at different times and they all have their rituals. My oldest, who's 10, plays in the kitchen with whatever is in there including the tiniest fur patches she finds some how. She has long hair, with fur between her toes and she's doing this ridiculous playing on a linoleum floor. I love it! She slips and slides all over the place.

My two youngest boys are now 2 years old and they're real stinkers. For their nighttime crazies, if they're not chasing each other, they're chasing Amelia, or are just running around with a toy in their mouth. For a while after I got them I thought I was going to go nuts with nervousness that they were going to break something. The real answer was to cat-proof my apartment. Move things out of the paths your cat tends to run through. They tend to be repetitive with their running routes. If it's breakable, put it where your cat can't get to it. Since I cat proofed my apartment I've been much more comfortable with my cats just being themselves and the running is very good for their health.
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awww..Jeremy...she is gorgeous!!!

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Thanks Katie :-) She is a cutie !!!!
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