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Remember the preemies?

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They're growing up!

Sooty as a baby with Uncle Milo:

Sooty Now:

Tabitha when she was younger:

Tabitha Now:


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OMG they are so precious!
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Great Job my friend!!!
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Awwwww they are so beautiful

The thngs that you do for these babies is just amazing
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They are absolutely adored in their new home (that's where these pics were taken) and I can't wait to go and visit them soon. Their new mum is actually my housemate's workmate so I get frequent updates on the funny and adorable things they do.
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They are so precious, I love that first picture with Uncle Milo
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You're amazing, Tania! Thanks for these precious pics!
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Absolutely adorable! Job well done Tania!
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Wow Tania,
They are both so healthy and beautiful, well done job!! I especially love the pics of Tabitha cause Nala is a diluted calico and Faline's the tortishelle and she reminds me of them.
Thanks for the pics.
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OMG!!!! They are both SO gorgeous!!!!Thanks to you they have a chance at a good life!!!
I applaude you!!!!
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Too beautiful!! And they have you to thank that they are alive at all! Give yourself a pat on the back. Well done.
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they turned out wonderfully - what lovely fluff balls. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!
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Oh Tania, adorable is an understatement!!!!

I thought Rosie had big eyes but Tabithas!, their gorgeous
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All I can say is WOW when I see those precious things! What wonderful pics.!
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Tania, I have been waiting and waiting to see those pics. It was more than worth the wait. Sooty is adorable and Tabitha is an absolute stunner. You must feel so proud.
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