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new kitten in town...

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Hey guys! I've always enjoyed reading all the great tips and advice on this site, so finally I decided to join so I can actually participate!!! I've been a crazy cat lady for near three years. I never thought of myself as a "cat person" and I swore I would never own a cat again; my childhood cat was my absolute best friend and when died the heartbreak was horrible. Then in 2001, my boyfriend and I adopted a very adorable Maine Coon mix kitten from a rescue group, and now my boyfriend wonders if I love him as much as our cats!!

My maine coon's name is Action. He is 3 years old in June, weighs 17 pounds (!), and has a better personality than any human I know! He is so husky and tall that people always are amazed, but he is really a big softie at heart! He loves to play practical jokes on everybody and enjoys terrorizing his little sister. He also loves to play fetch.

After him is Rodman, a girl who is 2 yrs old american mix. We adopted her from an older lady (80s) whose cat had kittens. She loved all those kittens so much she tried to keep them all, but found she was a bit overwhelmed. We thought she was a boy, so we named her Rodman (after basketball Dennis Rodman, because she has all these orange spots all over similar to how he did his hair...). We quickly discovered she was a girl, but the name seemed to fit because she is so quirky. She's 6 lbs full grown, which makes her a good target for her 17 lb brother! I feel sorry for her because it seems like she always sleeps with one eye open. She enjoys cuddling, but only at night, and her favorite toy is a wadded up ball of paper. Thankfully, she has very cheap taste!

Last, I recently adopted a new kitten. Have only had him a few days, so he doesn't have a name yet. The main personality trait we see in him is pretty typical of an eight week old kitten- he is very highstrung and has just discovered that he can jump up on things so he is very excited at the new worlds he is discovering...

So, in a nutshell, those are my babies! Nice to be a part of you guys' forum and I look forward to all the things I will learn here!
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Welcome to TCS!!!

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Hi Brienne welcome to TCS, and what a lovely family you have there. Looking forward to reading more about you all. If you look around you will find some threads in the cat lounge with loads of suggestions for names. Let us know when you name your new kittie.
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Welcome aboard!

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Welcome to TCS to you, your boyfriend and your kitties.

And a big thanks for adopting your kitties.
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Welcome to the site Brienne! Your fur-family sounds just wonderful, and I look forward to getting to know you and all three of your kitties on the boards!
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welcome to the site
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hi and welcome to TCS.....
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