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Thursday Daily Thread-

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What's everyone doing today?

It's friday here, I've got the day off school(again) and in two hours we're leaving for the next cat show, in a place called Taranaki which is about 5(6 at the way nana drives!) hours away from here. We wont be back until Sunday afternoon. I'm taking my big black boy Benja and my little tabby girl Acorn. Nanas taking her domestic, Diamond. and the kittens Sapan & Pinky. It's a small show, and it's a bit risky going up coz our clubs big show is next weekend! I spent some hours bathing and drying the kitties last night.. and I've only gotta pack my bag before we leave.

Hope everyones having a good day and that you all have a nice weekend!

Mmmm I feel like Subway!

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I am rewriting content on a website, and working on the book about ferals, as well as coming here when I need a brain break. Mike is out buying me a new truck- we are trading down because I need a pick-up truck to haul hay and supplies in and the Suburban just isn't cutting it for me. It's funny he complains about hay getting in the carpet of the Suburban, but says nothing about all of Kenai's dog hair all over the seats! LOL

Anne and I just negotiated a deal for a new catsite.com store to be opening up soon. It is going to be pretty neat, you will be able to download YOUR photo on certain items and design what you want as you order. There are resolution checks along the way to be sure that the image you loaded will work out well. So that is coming down the pike very soon.

Other than that, plans later will be to mow down the pastures (I have to wait till the sun leaves a bit otherwise I will bake).
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Sam, have fun at the cat show! Hissy...the store sounds great! It would be neat to have Merlin or Gus or one of the other cats pics on a T-shirt or something!

I didn't do too much today...went grocery shopping and ate Chinese for lunch with Brent. I rented some videos to watch tonight, so I have to go feed Amber and start watching movies!!!
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Good luck with all the technical stuff with the sites Mary Anne. The new store sounds great. Hope the new truck is what you were looking for.

Thanks Debby, Have fun watching the movies. Mmm now I feel like chinese food! LOL.

Geez still waiting for Nana to pick me up- she's forty minutes late and the poor cats have been waiting in their cages.
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Got a bit of a break, today. At around 8:30, the phones went down and stayed off, for about an hour. The guy in the next cube and I sat around, swapping stories about our dogs and teasing the two "kids" on our row.

Bill and I are each cooking our own dinners tonight. He has a craving for salmon, which I hate. Therefore, I am reheating my green chile burro filling and having a BIG burro.
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