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It's thursday right?

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CSI finale tonight! I am going to miss that show til the season starts! How many of you are looking forward to CSI New York????

The roof work has been started. But I am sooo relieved because the guy who is doing it - remember how I was worried about him, well now he is being nice to me, we have talked and now I am helping him out. He has broken up with his girlfriend which is the best for them both, thank goodness. Now he can't hurt her anymore. But at least he is not trying to hurt me too. And he has someone else helping him so it will be no trouble. Thank goodness for small mercies. And thank you to those who helped me when I was worried.

Whoooo, I am sooo wet, sweated my butt out there, cleaning up the shingles and the wood - does anyone have any tips on how to get that awful feeling off your skin from fibreglass???? I can't stop scratching!

Have a blissful day youse all!

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I am glad that whole situation is working out so well. I was worried for you when you first mentioned it

Yes, today is Thursday and I have Algebra So I won't be watching CSI. You'll have to let me know what happens!

Then I am going home and going straight to bed. I am so tired can barely keep my eyes open.
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I will die if I have to miss CSI!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't you record it?
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Nope, no VCR! It broke like 5 maybe 6 years ago, when Dvd players were still sort of new. My bf wanted to go high tech and got a dvd player and never replaced the VCR!!! Oh, and no Tivo or On-Demand here either
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Gosh, you poor thing! Thank goodness for reruns this summer aye?
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I just got into CSI and I can't stop humming the tune!

I rented all the DVD's from the first season and I can't believe each one is getting better and better. I watch the one that takes place in Las Vegas.

As for fibreglass:
Department of Consumer and Employment Protection - WorkSafe
SafetyLine Working with Fibreglass 4

Fibreglass dust and fibres may cause a stinging, itchy sensation when rubbed
on the skin. This can happen to people working with fibreglass insulation,
and it occurs particularly in folds of skin around wrists, collars and
waistbands. Perspiration aggravates the condition.
Most people quickly develop tolerance and hence the irritation may be
temporary. Showering to remove the fibres will provide relief.
Fibreglass insulation installed in buildings does not have adverse health
effects on occupants.
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