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Tiggy's kitten pic

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as you can see, he was sick when we found him roaming around outside in the middle of nowhere...........poor little guy. But he's a happy healthy one year old today!
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I love him. You can send him over here to visit anytime.
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Ahhh, I am becoming such an orange tabby fan! I am fostering two 4 week olds now. They are so adorable and sweet.
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Oh Marge, I've always wondered about fostering. I really, truly dont' think I could give a pet back after taking care of it for a while. Well, if I was watching it for a friend, that would be different, but fostering, I know I'd adopt them all. Good for you. Tigger is very very sweet and as handsome as they come!
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Oh what a love bug !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kittylover4ever I know what you mean. For me was the hardest and most rewarding thing I ever did and I cried everytime one left - even though I knew they would be in wonderful homes!
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Here is my Tiggy today...............
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Tiggy is so handsome
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Tiggy is beautiful - and what a thick tail!
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Awww, how sad that Tigger had to be that sick when he was rescued. He was lucky though, to find a great person like you to nurse him back to health. That's how one of my other cats was, when my father in law found her.
Have you seen pictures of Soloman? He also looks like our Tiger and Tigger, respectively.
I do agree....orange tabbies are sure darn cute!! (especially with the white cheeked-mouth )
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Oh he is beautiful!!!!!
Thank goodness he got to you and now has a lovely home and a good life!!!
You are a gem!!!!!!!
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Omg, I have to get a pic of my kitten up! I swear they are twins! Which isn't possible seeing as we have his mom and raised the liter for 2 months and gave the only one that looked like my kitten to a family friend..but still!

But they look so much alike, and the scary thing is, mine was born on may 18th, 2003! Very close to Tiggy's
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