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Thank you so much for all of that information, I am going to make some phone calls to some of the local shelters.

This is just my opinion, but I think that there should be something in place where any cat that comes through the door at a vet's office, a shelter, hospital, etc. is checked for a chip. I think that this would help more animals who are lost be reunited with their families. While I understand that there are many kind, loving people out there who find an animal wondering around outside take them into their home, it is possible that they hve a family out there who really misses them. I hope that with the microchipping becomming so popular that scanning becomes more common. My vets office just started doing the microchipping, but they don't have a scanner
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Vaccination is KNOWN to have risks for potentially fatal "side effects," including cancer. If there have been no bad effects from microchipping in like at least five years, and just looking at the two you can decide which is inherently riskier...

At my shelter, it's $110 for (for cats) rabies, FVRCP, FeLV/FIV testing, s/n, shelter tag, elastic safety collar, microchip, worming, and a cardboard carrier. All shelters in IL are required by law now to microchip adopted animals ^^

And yes, in some places it's required by law to have animals chipped.
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Buddy is the only one, who is 'chipped. Since early last year, all pets from the Humane Society are 'chipped. He's registered with the monitoring company and a numbered tag came with him. Since none of my cats wear collars, his tag is in the kitchen junk drawer.

Opie and Buddy won't go out, on a bet and Rowdy seems to have outgrown her need to dash through the door. I'm not going to bother having Opie and Rowdy 'chipped.
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In the state where I live (in Australia) its illegal to sell a kitten without a microchipp- punishable by a fine
Also all cats born or rehomed after a certain date -about 4 years ago- have to be registered (lifelong) with the local council- an entire cat costs nearly 3 times as much to register as a desexed cat. ($100 vs $35)
Good incentive to have cats desexed.
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Zero isn't chipped, but I've thought about installing a new processor and maybe some RAM to upgrade him to a Zero XP model.
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lol @ louse

both my indoor cats are microchipped. It's an incredibly simple procedure.
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Yes, my indoor only cat/cats are microchipped, just to be on the safe side
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No, my indoor only cats are not microchipped
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