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What would you do if you won the lottery?.

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Well to start off, i'd hire somewhere really big, and buy everyone flight tickets to come over to the UK where we could all finally meet each other

I'd give a donation to everyone on the site who takes care of strays and ferels, and not forgetting the "Cat Protection" here in the UK who do a brilliant job and refuse to put any cat down no matter how old it is.

And i think that takes care of my winnings!!
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awww thats a nice thought
firstly i would book a holiday for a month or so, go shopping and spend bout a million on clothes i would own my own rescue center for cats and employ staff to stay with them 24 hrs a day
build my own house,buy a yacht..........
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I've had the same plans for my lottery winnings for the past few years.

I am extremely involved in the NJ Renaissance Festival, I've been with them for 8 yrs. About 2 yrs ago we lost our "home". Our land was sold by the owner to a construction company for condos. Since then we have been working with a state park, but we have limited access to the site.

I want to find about 50 acres somewhere and rebuild our home. A permanent home. With a real castle wall and gate. In the back of the land I will build my own house...with a wing off to the side that has dorm style rooms with a central gathering area. This will be for any of our actors that travel to work with us. The central gathering area will also be large enough for rehearsal space. There will also be a building for storage of all our costumes and set pieces. They're currently all spread out in basements and rental space.

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I would buy my daughters flat for her, pay off my son's mortgage, move house, would be South Australia but I wouldn't want my kitties in quarantine, so I'll make do with a nice country place over here. Open up rescue centre for cats, and one for dogs, and open a chain of pet shops to keep the centres going. Buy a complex of shops/apartments to give about a dozen homeless jobs and homes. Have a party like Rosiemac for The Cat Site and send you all home with UK pressies, and the knowledge that you are all welcome in my large country home for holidays whenever you like. Until then, I will keep on dreaming, just in case a dream comes true.
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Wooo hooo, i'm getting excited just thinking about it
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I think I need to start playing the lottery first, I have little faith in ever winning. If I did ever win a huge amount of money I would certainly pursue my dream of helping as many homeless/abused cats as I could get out of shelters. I would buy a big house to care for them all and see that they were all very happy.

I would also like to buy myself an old victorian home in the city.

Lisa & Sash
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I won the biggest lottery many years ago.......I got my wife to marry me.

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Ok... I would buy myself something like 50 acres, if not more of lush and hilly tropical land in the central Dominican Republic.... I've seen the regions halfway between Santiago and the border with Haiti and they are perfect for that. I would build my own mansion and fit it with all the best works of art and historical artifacts I can find. Fit it with the best library in the island for my own personal reading, and keep it with all the latest technology. And make confy for the cats. Oh, and with a full staff of cooks and servants. (The cook has to be especially good )

I want it surrounded by tropical forest.

I would establish my own no kill rescue agency/organization for animals in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic which would make the fact that animal rescue here is little to none a thing of the past.

With that, I would buy off a good business to keep myself running... perhaps establishing a monopoly over the media outlets in DR and PR and USVI would be nice, and invest a bit of money on the stock exchange.

With that I would buy off the elections and bribe the entire governments of Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands to the point they don't pass a single law without my consent.

And get you all on paid tickets to my mansion in DR to a roaring party and dance all night long.
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first I'd give a donation to Anne for not only this site, but her rescuing as well.
then I'd buy my forever home, one with a pool for Brad, enclosed porches for the cats, HUGE windows(again for the cats) LOTS of closet space, (that ones for me!)it'd look out onto a small forest like area, not really close to any other houses, I'd build a cat enclosure to let the cats go outside if they wanted to. I'd hire someone to come in twice a month to clean my house (ok, just dust, vacum, and other things I didn't want to do)
I'd buy a new car for each of us. I'd buy out the Liquor store for honeys dad and so honey can take it over and his dad can retire,
I'd buy my mom and MILs houses. and the rest I'd put away for when i retire.(if there's any left! LOL!)
I'd stay within things I can still afford if the money runs out, I've seen to many people get stuff that's way to expensive and when the money runs out, they loose everything, I won't do that. I'll be sure to be able to afford it even when the money stops coming in..
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I would immediately quit my job, buy a lot of land out in the Western U.S. (probably Utah or Arizona), and spend my time volunteering for rescue groups. My house would be custom built to be 100% cat and dog friendly. I would also buy my Humane Society their own permanent shelter - an objective that they struggle with due to lack of funding.
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I'd give sizeable donations to each of my favorite charities. Then, I'd go on a trip around the world, making it a point to visit concentration camps and cry without shame over my lost breathren. Then I'd come home and build my dream home which would be like one of those Old South mansions from Gone With The Wind with a bunch of secret passageways.
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Originally Posted by grampngram
I won the biggest lottery many years ago.......I got my wife to marry me.

WOW!!! What a sweet thing to say. I think your wife won the lottery that day also. A true "Win / Win situation"

Forget the money I want a man like grampngram
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I would find a large parcel of land, and build small cottages on it (for senior citizens) I would then build a barn and enclose all the land with cat proof fencing and then open up a combination retirement home for seniors and a rescue center for abused animals. Fully stocked with a 24 hour vet on call and emergency facility I would incorporate the seniors into caring for the sick and injured animals right along with us-

Oh it is nice to dream
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Well, I think I'd buy a condo in Manhattan, as well as a Condo here in Los Angeles, and I'd buy my own Lear Jet so my cats and I could commute in comfort between our East Coast and West Coast homes.
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The first thing I would do is pay off all my mom's bills so she can quit her wretched job. I would build a homeless shelter for both humans and animals on a huge piece of land that is totally enclosed. I would have a 24 hour vet and doctor as well as an employment center to help the humans become productive. Then I would build a house next door with a pool, motocross track (for all 3 of the boys - big and small ) and a large garage so they can store/work on all their stuff...Hmmmm, I think I may have to win several lotteries.
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ohhh I love fantasing about things like these!

I would buy a lot of land in NZ and build a spanish villa/southwestern type home, also buy a golf course as it is hubby's dream.
I would like to have horses as well, that wouldn't be too shabby!

Also, I would make a lot of donations to charities like AIDS, cat shelters, domestic violence, breast cancer, help to fund care for people who cannot afford insurance or have none and need medical care, set up a fund for low income people to go to good schools that they cannot afford to go to.

I would buy the business my friend here is trying to sell, it is a cabin business that people rent for vacations, the setting is beautiful and tranquil and I would hold TCS conventions there! And also, to set up a fund for people who cannot afford to fly there!

I would pay off my parent's mortgage, buy them better cars (and get rid of my dad's ugly van lol - get professionals in to finish off their renovations.

I would buy my grandparents their dream vacation home that they don't need to mow their lawns at.

And lastly, I would grab my son, hubby and myself and go on a round the world trip for a few months to a year and experience the world!

Wow, a lot of wishes aye?
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Firstly i'd get out of debt. I'd buy a big home and a car and furnish it. I would try to get my dad better Cancer treatment. I'd give money to my family. I would open a cat shelter and a bird shelter (seperate of course!) I'd also donate to other various charties.
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I don't play the lottery or gamble, but...
First, I'd pay my nieces' and nephews' college tuition. I'd take a trip to Asia (my dream is to see China and Korea some day), and buy a big property and open my own no-kill shelter for animals of all kinds, and finance spay/neuter programs for strays/ferals.
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Feralwhisperer, I do hope you find him hon.
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Originally Posted by Cilla
Feralwhisperer, I do hope you find him hon.
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I would try and keep life pretty much the same, apart from lots of clothes and buy nice things for my family and pets!
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Hmm...VegFam? Food For Life? Food Not Bombs? People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals? Korea Animal Protection Society?

I agree wholeheartedly with - The law recognizing a resource as your "property" does not entitle one to act in a way that kills others (or lets die).

"The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems." -Gandhi

Although, of course, I am very selfish, so I might build that little solar-powered house in Arizona or wherever with catwalks everywhere and catproof fencing all around it ^^

BTW, while I never understood some humans' desire to sit on a plane for hours when you could be just as happy at home (unless you wouldn't be just as happy at home--ie someone close had to move away and you want to be near them again), I honestly don't see what's great about Korea. Except for the PC bhangs, but many major cities have tons of them too. Some things are the same everywhere...cities of humans (way too many of them), cars, buildings, smog, and so on, and rural areas of desert, forest, mountains, or whatever.
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I would buy my parents' house from them and lease it back to them, for $1 per year (this would be a tax break for them and me). I would buy/build a house for Mark, Sam and the babies, set up trust funds for the twins, buy a piece of land and build the Victorian house of my dreams, hire someone to scoop litter boxes, buy my best friend Katie's house and property and let her live there forever and book a round-the-world cruise.

The hard part would be teaching Bill how to goof off. He's been working, since he was a little kid and doesn't know how NOT to work.
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Buy him a set of golf clubs and send him my way. Goofing off comes naturally after that.

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I had this thought a while ago, and I've made up my mind: WHEN I win the lottery, I'll buy a house in the country with a huge (fenced) yard, and get 4, maybe 5 dogs. A standard poodle (female), a rough collie (female), a giant schnauzer (male) and a great dane (male)... and if there's any room left, an alaskan malamute (prob. male, too.). I only met one malamute, and he was nearly as big as I was! I was working as a volunteer groomer with the Montreal SPCA, and he was the first dog I ever groomed there. Took him out of his cage, brought him to the grooming room, and started brushing about 10 lbs of undercoat out. He got so comfortable that he stretched out on the floor with his head in my lap and fell asleep!! Man I hope that dog found a good home. What a sweetheart!!

I'd foster animals for the local humane society, and donate whatever money is left over to shelters and other humanitarian causes.
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If I won the lottery.....hmmmmmm First thing I would do is give a very large sum of it to help my Mom so she wouldn't have to worry about anything ever again. My Brothers and Sister would then get some to help them out also. Then I would pay for all 4 of my granchildren to go to college. As for the rest well Ken and I would have a larger home with lots of room for cats and dogs. I would also like to buy the local HS so they wouldn't have to PTS anymore animals. I guess then all of the money would be spent and I would be working again
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First thing I would do is pay off my own debt. Then I would pay off my parents house and cars, then tell both of them that they never have to work again. It's the least I can do since they supported me growing up. Then take my mother on an extended vacation (my Dad doesn't like to travel much so he could spend the time picking out some nice farm land to settle on.)

After that I would buy a modest home in the country but not too far from the city with a large barn that I would turn into a no kill cat shelter. I would open up pet store with daytime pet care in order to hopefully offset the cost of the animal shelter.

After that I would pay for my Cousin DD's schooling and set up a trust fund for her nephews for education. I would also offer to pay for her boyfriend's education and buy the poor boy a brand new drum set. (They've been going out for nearly six years and will sooner or later get married they just haven't made it offical yet.)

Whatever was left I'd invest and hope that I wouldn't run out of money. Needless to say, I need to win a lot of money.
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