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Abandoned Kittens in New Jersey

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I posted a similiar thread last night, but I don't know what happened to it, so let me apologize in advance if this is a duplicated post.

If anyone knows of a local rescue group or no-kill shelter in the Stanhope, New Jersey (Sussex county) area, please let me know asap. A friend of mine called me regarding a co-worker whose girlfriend took in two kittens yesterday. They were found in a shed in a neighbor's backyard and their assumption was that she had abandoned them, but my hunch is that she had been away hunting and later came back to find that they were gone. In any case, the woman took them to the vet (they're approx. 4 weeks old) for a check-up and she is feeding them formula as prescribed by the vet.

Her boyfriend told me that he had planned on taking them to the shelter this Friday as his girlfriend hadn't the time or resources to take care of them. I asked him if he would consider holding onto them for a month before doing so, but he said that his girlfriend's cat was very jealous of the attention she was giving these kittens. I explained that all cats act this way and that in a matter of days or weeks, she would get used to it, but I don't think this changed his or her feelings on the matter.

I would have offered to take these kittens myself, but I am at full capacity right now with four cats of my own and two feral fosters that I am taking care of. Plus I am recovering from major eye surgery and I don't think the cat dander and litter is helping the healing process whatsoever. And lastly, I live in another state. So please if anyone knows of a group that would be willing to help or that I can call to make inquiries, I would be greatly appreciative.

Susan aka Jesse's Mom
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I do and I e-mailed you.

Also, the thread was originally moved from the Caring for Strays and Ferals Forum but without a redirect, so it looked like it just disappeared. Actually, it was moved to the appropriate forum, S.O.S. I moved the new thread you just posted, but left a redirect so you can see what happened to it. I deleted the first thread that was moved with no redirect.

Hopefully you'll see I've sent an e-mail! It'll be from laurie@savesamoa.org.
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If you can't receive your personal e-mail at work, post here and I'll PM you with the info.

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Susan, I'm sending another e-mail.
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