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cool thanks Hissy, all of the info you know always amazes me, I would have never known about rabbit food for litter!

I don't see the pics in my post can you?
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Anita, I am so very sorry your sweet Leo has had this diagnosis. This must be so very hard for you. Please feel free to share your feelings with us. We all care so much about you and Leo. We all know Leo is so, so much more than "just a cat" and feel quite sorry for the unfortunate individuals who would find that to be true. We are here for you absolutely anytime you would care to talk. Leo is such a fighter, and I look forward to hearing about his progress. You and Leo are in my prayers. Stephanie
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to you

I will pray that the meds will work for "Leo"
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No I don't see them at all, just the dreaded red x
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to both you and your hubby and of course Leo.

We're will all be rooting and praying that the pills will work on Leo.
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I am just seeing this! Leo is in my thoughts as are you and your hubby!
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Leo is doing better again. Not himself yet, but woke me up meowing twice in the middle of the night for more food...and he drank water again too. He is such a fighter he is eating every 2-3hrs. He was more awake this morning, and still alert, and even tried to strecth. My Roxy started grooming him and he groomed her too. We don't know yet if it's the pill that is making him better or that he got rest from the painful aspirate, which he probably still needs to continue recovering from. my other cat Piper even came in to see him, and he responded with the usual sound he makes when he sees her! He is now beside me resting, not sleeping but resting. I hope the pills will give him some more time to enjoy life! Seeing him be himself again, will be the greatest gift I could ever ask for! He's my little Leo, and now Leo the Lion! (I like that-thanks!)
I love him so much!
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Sounds like Leo is continuing to make progress What a sweet little guy, I also like Leo the Lion, the name truly fits
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So glad Leo is improving. He seems to be coming along nicely.
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Aaaawww that sounds so wonderful

I pray that he will totally recover
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Anita, I hope and pray that the pills work miracles for Leo. He is such a fighter, and he has a family who loves him so much that will give him strength too. And he has a very large extended family here at TCS who also send their love to him...
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Anita how is Leo this morning? The furbabies and I are still praying for him, give him a scratch under the chin from me
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i'm really sorry about your baby, thank god you took him into the vet as soon as you did and hopefully he will be fine
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Cookie, the picture of Leo in your signature is really adorable and I would love to see the other pictures of him too, but I can only see red X's. I right clicked on one of the X's and then clicked properties, and I see the pictures were uploaded to Imagestation, unfortunately, that site no longer allows remote viewing. One site that does allow remote viewing is VillagePhotos and it's where I have my signature picture of Snowball uploaded to. I hope this helps!
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Hi everyone. Thanks for the pics info...I will upload them to the new sight...

Leo was much better this morning. He slept on our bed all night last night, and meowed in the morning when he woke up, and purred and head bumped us like he usually does. I was so hopeful today.

But he still can't jump and still is weak, and sleepy, aside from this morning. I am worried the pills aren't working well enough. Maybe he still needs to recover from all he has been through, I hope that's all it is. It was really hot today...Seeing him happy this morning was wonderful, but seeing him so tired now is hard. They told me it would take ten days to see if the pills are going to help him. I pray this is just him still needing rest. Above all I don't want my baby to suffer. The poor little guy. My heart breaks that he has had to go through this..I just hope he will get the chance to feel like himself completely, even if it's just for a while. Life really sucks sometimes. On top of that I have to deal with my mom saying "you see that why you shouldn't have cats, you get attached and then you are uspset when something happens to them, and for what, a cat?"
I know she just doesn't want me to be upset, but she doesn't understand how I cannot imagine my life without cats, now that I know what life is like with cats!

Please continue to hope for Leo the Lion, He is still eating and drinking, and does physically look better...just not back to himself yet....
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Still red X's. Go to the page you uploaded your pictures to and click on one of the pictures so it will be full size. Underneath the picture you will see this text:

"Note! Do not right-click the image above to the get the URL for posting the image on other sites. This URL is a private URL for use only when viewing images on this website. Go to the Image URL, Tools, and Resources page to get the URL for use on eBay, EZBoard, or other websites."

In this text you should see a link for Image URL, Tools, and Resources page. Click on the link and you will go to the page. You will need to make sure you choose the correct URL for public viewing.
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thanks Lorie...but how come the [img] [/img] doesn't work?

I have only been able to post the url...
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He sure has grown alot since that picture in your signature.

I pray he does well, I know what it's like having a sick kitten you can't do to much for. Keep us updated.
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Leo is a cutie. He is in my thoughts and prayers.

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Sending huge (((HUGS))) to Leo, what a beautiful boy~ From Sasha, Elizabeth and Eric. We hope he recovers and does very well on the meds. We know firsthand what you are going through. Sasha's little brother had leukemia last Fall. We still have not recovered from him, but you now what? He is an Angel out there watching over all kittens and pray he sends you strength and peace for your little one. GO LEO! DOIN' GOOD!
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Anita, I'm so glad Leo is on the way to recovery. As for your mum, it really makes me mad when people say that. I always want to say back to them, "Then why have kids, they get hurt and worry you and disappoint you sometimes. You wouldn't not have kids just in case they made you sad or got sick or died. Same goes for almost everything we do in life. We don't not buy a car or house because there might be an accident or it might get damaged. We don't not talk to our parents because we might feel love for them and then feel pain if they become ill or die. To me, it's a really silly argument and goes with the very negative saying, "If you don't expect anything, you won't be disappointed."
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I agree, Tania. It's unfortunate that some people just don't understand our strong love for our kitties.
Anita, we here do understand and thank you for your update on Leo's progress. Leo remains in my prayers for his continued progress towards recovery. Keep getting stronger, Leo the Sweet Lion!
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Leo is so handsome, and he is much bigger than your sig picture I'm still praying for the sweet boy.
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Awwwww just like Sasha, Leo is improving and going from strength to strength.

Come on baby you can do it!
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Thank you all! All your positive thoughts must be working! Leo the Lion, is sooo much better today! so much more than yesturday or the day before! he is playing a little, walking around, eating drinking, and has more strength today!!!! He isn't sleeping all day either! The biggest surprise than that he came down the stairs! that's two floors down! I got up in the morning, fed and took care of him and then went to feed the other cats, and guess who showed up to my surprise! Leo! meowing! what a little fighter, I am so proud of him! I really hope he continues! He still didn't have enough strength to go back up the stairs, after the third step, he meowed so I carried him back up so he could rest...but he is sleeping on the bed and jumps on the bed himself!
I am so glad for this site, it is awesome to talk to people who do understand how much we love out kitties! It is great that I can share how Leo is doing with all of you! In fact you are helping me deal with what has happened and therfore also helping Leo get through this! He is on the bed right now grooming himself! I am going to post more pics of Leo and Roxy (together), if you think Leo got bigger, wait till you see Roxy! These pics are all within the past two days! Leo will be two years old in september!

sashacat sorry to hear about sasha's little bro.....
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That's great news about Leo, Anita
I bet you were suprised to see Leo came down the stairs after you. It sounds like he is continuing to improve. We can't wait to see those pictures!
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check out the pics!


Roxy isn't as big as she looks in those pics, it's the wierd angle I needed to get of pic of them in the box!

the other one is of Leo yesturday looking out the window! I put him on the ledge, cause he heard noises and wanted to check them out...
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Anita, I just got tears of joy reading your post!! YAY FOR LEO!!!!!!!!

He's such a cutie, and how sweet that his sister is snuggling with him too.
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Cookie, I'm so glad Leo's doing better and I hope he continues to feel well for a very long time!!!
P.S. Love the pictures!
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