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Ear wax

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Yumosh had ear mites before. We used 2 bottles of ear mite medicine & later we were told by the vet that there were no ear mites anymore ! But she still has extreme wax with very dark brown to blackish color, although she doesn't scratch anymore..

She had her yearly exam last weekend & I asked the vet again. She said that she checked it even under a microscope (although I don't believe her somehow !!) & couldn't see anything ! She didn't even clean her ears, isn't she supposed to do so ??

I have read everywhere that wax may mean ear infection of some sort (probably a secondary infection after the mites). But this vet keeps telling that some cats have excess ear wax & I keep not believing her !! Does any one's cat has excess ear wax, too ??

I started using an ear ointment which was given to Minnosh (Animax) Does anyone has any experience with this ointment ??
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My cat MooShoo, the Sphynx has alot of earwax simply because he has no fur. I took him to the vet yesterday because he was walking around shaking his head. The vet took out alot more wax that I missed. It was a gross brown, but no earmites. He said that Moo had a yeast infection in his ears from moisture (could be from his bath) and gave me Tresaderm to use for 10 days. Moo's ears do get very dirty. I try to clean them every other day but sometimes it's necessary everyday.

I believe that some cats are more susceptible to a wax build-up than others. If you are not satisfied by what your vet said, by all means, get another opinion.

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My siamese mix Buttons has a really bad time with earwax but my others don't. It is the same dark brown icky stuff that you see with earmites. I just have to make sure I clean her ears well.
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Thanx guys,

So it may really be natural for some cats.
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One of my cats has EAR WAX and the vet did clean her ears- $15 charge!! He gave an antibiotic, but she reacted poorly. He suggested cleaning with 50/50 mix of aplle cider vinegar and distilled water. It works fine- though she hates it. He said, "Whoever controls the ear, controls the cat. So, hang on and clean." It is just one of those jobs that goes with my cat ownership.
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I used the ear ointment I was talking about (Animax) for twice/3 days & she doesn't have any wax anymore.
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