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Cat Scratches..the new tattoos...LOL

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I have no piercings or tattoos..but I have a lovely array of cat scratches from volunteering with a cat rescue group. It's especially nice when they grab your FACE (NOT)...I mean...how do you make that look like it isn't a big deal..."Oh sure, the cat just grabbed me by my eyebrow which is now bleeding..but really, it isn't a big deal at all..happens all the time" Right now I am displaying a rather large scratch on my right cheek (it's soo the new fashion)...I'm thinking about starting a new business..."scratches are us"..I even have a few choice cats who could do the work for a very reasonable fee.

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Oh, the many joys of being a Cat Lover!
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Most of my scratches are on my wrists. It looks like I'm self abusive. I keep putting my hands in cages with hissing, spitting, growling, flat-ear cats. Did I think they were going to kiss me???
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I have some brilliant designs on my hands, legs and a lovely one right at the bottom of my chin courtesy of Sophie
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Is this what they call ' Marks of the Trade'?
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i have a very attractive scratch right across my forehead
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I have a awesome set of scratch-tattoos on my mid-right thigh, courtesey of Yum-Yum having a catfit the other night, she ran through the house, jumped on the couch (on my leg, mind you) and levitated to the back of the couch in less than 15 seconds, rear claws fully engaged for climbing if needed! LOL.
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I am so used to hearing, "Ooooh! What happened to your arms?" Kittens tend to cling, even tiny ones and it takes a bit of manouvering if they're clinging to your skin, which means you lose a bit in the process. They also fight you tooth and nail if you haven't put the bottle in their mouth fast enough. I got sick of people asking one day and answered that I has a fight with a lawnmower. The response? "Ooooh, really?"
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