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feline acne

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Hi, my older cat had feline acne on her chin when she was an outside cat. 7 years ago she became an inside cat and it seemed to clear up until now. She has a small patch on one side of her chin. What causes this? How can I treat it? Thanks, Larissa.
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Well, so far there has been no definition of what causes it. It could be the food bowls,allergic reaction,chemicals, or just lack of cleaning the chin. You can use a variety of things but the first attempt at clearing it up you can use a little soap and water every day. The next thing would be to use some benzoyle peroxide. Some people use the clearasil pads, but I find it dries the skin too much.
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My cats Casey and Maya Linn have kitty acne. It's a pain in the butt. I've used a loufa glove with chlorhexidine soap on it. I scrub both their chins (Casey has it much worse) clean, then dry it off. Then I put 10% Benzoil Peroxide on them. I do it everyday. It seems to be clearing up. I also changed all the dishes to either ceramic or stainless steel.

You can get CVS brand of 10% Benzoil Peroxide for about $5.

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Tigger, our bengal, used to have it really bad (black crusty ones) until I switched the bowls from plastic to stainless steel for a while. I noticed that is when her chin cleared up. It's cleared up for the most part, with the exception of little black specs of it , that I can't get rid of totally. I use hydrogen peroxide to clean her chin. It's weird.... Tigger is the only one who has it! When we came back from California from our vacation, Gizmo had it, but it went away.
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