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Is there hope, part two

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I meant to show you their pic and how they leave him out.......cute but sad for my little guy.
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Awwww poor little guy I read your first post and then saw the picture, I feel bad for him, he is just trying to fit in with the girls. (I am sure it's nothing personal against him )He is trying to sleep as close as he can. What a sweetheart.
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Thanks Squirt.......yes, he is a little sweetheart. Actually, they all are. Trixie, the brown and black tabby, is the most standoffish, but even she comes over and headbutts you to rub her. They have lived together for going on a year, so maybe I just have to give Tigger a little more attention than the other two so he feels loved. I know they like him, but at the same time, not crazy about him.
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Maybe you need another little boy to keep Tigger company
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LOL Squirtle, you devil you.

Susie, I've replied in your other post.
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I can't tell you how much I want to get another kitten, this time a boy. I had the same thought........then maybe he'd have an ally.
Here's another pic of the he and his sissy Petals....she sat long enough for the pic anyway them.
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He is gorgeous! he's got such a cute expression on his face.
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Yes, he is gorgeous if I do say so myself...........take a look at my Trixie.......I think she's a real looker too!
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I love the look on Tigger's face, he is absolutely adorable I just wanna give him kisses Trixie looks like she likes having her picture taken
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Awww Trixie is so pretty! Love your other cats as well!!
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AWWWWWWWWWw...such cuties!!! I have a Tigger as well. Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to try to find Tigger a pal. Perhaps you can even take Tigger to an adoption event and see who he gets along with. Good Luck.

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Aww, poor Tigger trying to fit in with the girls, I'm sure they'll eventually let him nestle into their affections. Even Faline eventually broke down after about 30 hours and started cleaning and licking my Tiger.
Funny your little guy should be named Tigger. My little guy looks exactly like Tigger and his name is coincidentally Tiger
P.S. Is there a "Is there a hope, part one"
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Yes Anne, there is a part one in the cat behavior section. I guess since this thread had pics, they moved me. haha
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Your baby's are soooo pretty and cute . All pics are great and love them . Your red baby is o beautiful
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Awww.......Tigger is soooo adorable! I would just love to kiss and hug him. I love the picture on the bed. All your babies are adorable. I hope they let Tigger join in soon.

Lisa & Sash
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Awwwww bless his little heart . I'll send Sophie over then he'll soon be wanting to be back with the girls once she's jumped all over him . She jumps on Rosie as if she's a spring board

All your babies are little beauties though , and they will be all snuggling together one day i'm sure.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Yes Anne, there is a part one in the cat behavior section. I guess since this thread had pics, they moved me. haha
LOL, funny how things happen like that-where you get moved without knowing it
And Thanks Tania for adding the link about the part one story... I guess I should have looked a little harder I'm just glad that things in the house are at least mutual in getting along with each other (the cats) and I think that Tigger would do great with another bro about his own age, maybe another orange tabby? or a Siamese? My Nala is about a year older than Tiger but still young enough to play with him. That makes him fit right in with all the gang.
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I have thought about getting another male for my Tigger to become buds with. I was thinking a kitten, but you think I should get one about a year old? I thought it would be easier for all 3 to accept a new kitten than an older cat.
I would love another orange one. Although my tuxedo and brown/black tabby are great too. I wouldn't trade any of them. I just have to talk hubby into letting me get another kitty. He thinks 3 is enough. I think maybe 30 would be enough.........
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I think a kitten would actually be easier for both him and the others to accept. I just got lucky that Nala had enough patience and energy to keep up with Tiger when he was under the 6 month bracket and Simba my Siamese acted as good as a mother cat can for being a male... and actually Nala was actually supposed to be our last cat at 3, Tiger was a pleasant suprise that my husband suprisingly accepted before I even saw him. I didn't even have to plead for Tiger.... I say another orange Tabby boy-kitten or Siamese kitten will be excellent for him
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So Anne, you had no probs getting hubby to accept another furball? I know if I saw one out with Jerry and made him hold it, he'd fall in love. He's right. The 3 we have now drive us crazy, but it's a "fun" crazy. I'm sure you all know what I mean. Plus between the vet, food and litter bills, it can get expensive, but darn it, I just want to mother them all!
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