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Eye problems for baby rescue...

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New to forum, but have been reading you guys' advice for a while, so I think I can get some good input here. A couple of days ago, I adopted an eight week old kitten who was rescued from a dumpster. He had inflammation in the corner of his left eye for a while before he came to my home, and although it has subsided significantly, there is still sign of irritation.

Last night , there was a clump of clear discharge coming from that eye, so of course i cleaned that for him, but it caused me to worry. I ran straight to the internet, and the search engine results overwhelmed me with the possiblity that eye problems are typical of Feline Herpesvirus, Chlamydia psittici, etc. I read that with feline herpes, they usually have upper respiratory problems, which new cat has nothing like that. Planning on taking him to the vet for it, but I want to know what to expect. Should I anticipate that any sort of eye infection is going to be the result of some sort of virus, or is there the possiblilty that this might just be a bacterial infection which he probably contracted from the first day of his life (which he spent in a trash can). Also important, I have two other cats (who have not had any contact with new kitten) and I am worried about something viral spreading to the whole group.

I'm such a hypochondriac myself, and it seems like its amplified by 10 for my cats. They sneeze and then I worry!! Thanks for any input or advice anyone has...
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Most eye discharge in cats is caused by one of the cat viruses. It could be that he has had an infection since he was born. The vet is probably going to give you some antibiotic ointment to apply to his eye or eye's. If there's no other signs of respiratory infection, he wont be put on oral antibiotics. I would keep this little kitten isolated from all the other cats for at least 2 weeks after the infection is cleared. I would also be sure to wash really well before coming into contact with your resident cats.
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He may also have an Entropion eyelid in that eye. This is where the eyelid rolls inwards and the lashes scratch the eyeball. Because the irritation has gone down somewhat, I don't expect it's this. He may also have something in his eye that's causing irritation, having lived in a dumpster. Whatever it is, like you said, a vet visit is in order. Good luck with him and thank you for adopting this kitten, he sounds like a real sweetie.
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The vet might even dilate the eye and look at it under a blacklight. Easiest way to see any damage to the eye itself, but it is uncomfortable to the kitty when the drops are put in the eye.

Thanks for adopting this little guy!!
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