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That's what happens alot of the time when cats are allowed to roam.

I do hope Sasha gets better and will be kept in a safe environment.
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You can be forgiven for wanting it all, right now -- that's so normal. But he's making good progress it seems, and the rest will come with time -- at least, that's what we're all praying for. The kitten glop sounds like a great idea to get some nourishment into him.

Hang in there, Sasha! You're doing great! You, too, Mum!!
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fsttrk- understanding that this thread is quite long, you might have missed the part where Sasha's owner admitted regret in letting her cat get to this point. She is also not going to allow her cat access to the outside. It was a regrettable incident to be sure and a painful one at that for both owner and cat. But offering her support and hope is the ticket right now. What is done is done, and nothing can turn back the clock.

With the injury to his tongue it is likely that sasha is unable to drink like a normal kitty. Have you tried running a small trickle of water in the sink to see if he will drink water that way? Instead of a syringe, try one of those plastic spoons baby size and place just a small amount in him mouth and see if he can manage to swallow it okay. Also try the baby food, and understand that if he can't smell he isn't going to want to eat.

Good luck!
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Yes, he's drinking water great- no dehydration. Just doesn't like the food/syringe combo, we're experimenting w/other ideas. His sense of smell seems to be there from time to time, as if it's being "un-frozen". You see, when we moved to Maple Valley over a year ago Sasha had been an indoor/outside cat for 11 years w/no threats of coyotes in our former neighborhood. He has a very skinny file at the vet for 11 yrs, very skinny file. I thought long and hard about moving him and his mama, SiSi. I have carried enormous guilt all year, knowing that if I knew what would have happened this year, I never would have moved, ever, and would have put my chance to share a house w/the human love of my life on hold. Period. So Sasha has been kept in at night from time to time, yet he doesn't wander far being a homebody, as this happened less than 20 ft from the house. He was hungry this morning and I had to go to work w/people who do NOT understand caring for pets so Eric is alone w/him and I'll have to wait and see how the feeding session went. It's agony not being home. I had an epiphany overnight and will ask the boards what people think - and what eperiences people have had in a minute. Thanks ever so much.
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In the middle fo the night I woke to Sasha going from our bed to the sink in the bathroom/vanity area that opens up to our room. He was sitting in my make-up tray like a litter box, looking at me. I gently took him down, steered him to the water, and he hopped up again. Then came back to bed and snuggled w/me. This happened 3x last night - sitting in my makeup tray like a litter box....just like sitting in the bathtub the other night like a litter box - that "position". I had an epiphany this morning: Sasha liked to poop and pee in the pumpkins or right beside the patch by the pine trees, which are 10 feet away in a grassy knoll. The coyote attacked him WHILE HE WAS PEEING when his back was turned to the area the coyote came from. This is why he is not peeing and pooping on his own. He is telling me what happened by sitting in my makeup tray. And the attack happened in that spot too, because that's where all the fur was and where I found him when I ran outside half-naked w/the shotgun. He is scared to pee! scared to poop! (although the vet found no blockages anywhere, thank god). it is psychological trauma. Can anyone offer experience with this? What does everyone think?? It hit me like a lightning bolt! The one time he did pee on Sunday after Hissy's suggestion of mild stimulation w/warm cloth/bath, I had taken him into the guest bathroom where we have a new small litter box for him downstairs now, and something told me to close the door. He peed immediately in the box and buried it just fine, I sensed no stress. ITHOUGHTS??? Is my gut right?
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Wow, it sounds like you very well could be right. It makes a lot of sense. Poor baby I have no idea what to suggest that would help, but I would think thast you have to find a way for him to feel safe again while using the litterbox. It might take time, I wonder if it would help to put the litter box somewhere private....Sorry Elizabeth, I am sure someone who knows more will post ratherr quickly.
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You idea makes senses. If something 10x my size bit me when I in the bathroom I would be afraid to go again. Maybe a hooded litter box would make Sasha feel safe.

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Fern, thanks---hooded litter box! brilliant!
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What a wonderful realization you've had, Elizabeth! You and Sasha have such clear communication! Please let us know what he thinks of the hooded litter box. It must have been so difficult for you to be away from Sasha for so long today, and all the more because the people you work with don't understand. How did he feel in your absence and did he eat well? So happy to hear he's drinking plenty of water! Way to go Sasha! Still praying for your continued miraculous recovery!
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Sasha responded to being in the bathroom with a closed door and Eric standing guard to make him feel safe, so he did pee again this afternoon. We are now starting to piece together some of the details of last Monday night by Sasha telling his story. I told a very intuitive, spiritual friend the sitting in the bathroom counter tray last night = pumpkin patch = trauma to sit in the litter box and she said no doubt he's trying to tell us what happened. So this has been a very long haul, with miles to go, but some hurdles are slowly being overcome, just eating w/his new tongue and healing the oral, nasal, and brain traumas if any long term and we will be just dandy!
Here is one small last photo of Sasha with Freddie last summer, looking every bit the proud older brother and coyote clubber he is turning out to be (the black/white behind Freddie so stoic! WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS!
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I don't think a hooded litter will work- only because Sasha is going to want to see and make sure he isn't going to be ambushed. Instead, I would elevate his litter pan somehow, high enough that he feels secure- as he did on your make-up tray. Putting it up on the counter is unpleasant, but until he can work through his fear it may be what he needs. This way it puts him up high so he can see all around and if you can somehow put a wall to the back of the box so nothing will sneak up on him that would help him as well.
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Yes, Elizabeth you really are gonna get through it
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Elizabeth, it is wonderful that you and Sasha have such a great bond that he is able to tell you his story. He is a real survivor and sweetheart and he is fully on the road to recovery, there is no doubt about that.
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WOW!! What a revelation! I wouldn't for a minute doubt that Sasha is telling you what happened -- and very much in the context of "Mom, how can I ever feel safe again? Please can you help me be safe, Mom?"

I like the idea of putting a litter box up where he can see that there's no danger -- even backing it into a corner of a counter, so that there are 2 sides no danger can come from, but it's still in the open.

What a great little trooper he is!
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I think he really did tell me. The pumpkin patch is in a raised, square bed. He pees and poops in there all the time, it's HIS place. He chose my bathroom tray because he knows it's MY place and it's square and contained - like he had to get my attention so I could make the connection seeing him in a rectangle or square in something that was mine. This is why he is now so traumatized to pee! I have been thinking about it ALL day and of course, my family thinks I'm a big huge wingnut, but come talk to Sasha.
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More wonderful news about Sasha's continued recovery! What great advice about the litter box! Look forward to knowing how this works in giving him the security he needs. Sorry your family doesn't fully support your communication with Sasha, but we here find your relationship to be absolutely beautiful. I feel Sierra understands me better than anyone and am thankful for our communication. Many days, I have my best conversations with her! Stephanie
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Another day blessed with a little recovery.

I agree with the others. We can give you the support you need at any time of the day!
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Brilliant news. I read about the hooded litter and at first it did sound like a good, safe idea. But then I thought again and perhaps not as Sasha would not be able to see all the way round.
Its no wonder poor Sasha couldnt pee - peeing meant coyote attack! I guess its obvious when you know!
I know in time Sashas wounds will heal but it will take longer for the phycological scars. Hang on in there all of you - we are here sending healing vibes and good thoughts every day.
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You are dealing with all of this so brilliantly. Sasha is a beaut! Together you can't miss, what a lovely special relationship you have.
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Awesome News I am so glad to hear that Sasha is doing better. I do think that he was telling you what happened to him in his own way and it's great that you have such a special relationship with him that you knew what he was trying to tell you. Sasha I admire you man You keep getting better we are all praying for you.
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Wow, I am so far behind here. I'm so glad to hear Sasha survived his tangle, so many kitties in my neighborhood haven't been so lucky. I'm happy that he's making such great progress, your extra special love and attention are making all the difference.
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Thank you for sharing your story of Sasha's recovery..

Its kitty cats all over the world who are in debt to owners like yourselves who go to great lengths with love of an animal that is reciprocated to ensure their safety and well being.

Keep up the great work . all the best from down under.. Robyn
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Thanks so much to everyone (sasha is grateful too) and the representation on TCS from the Aussies is really super! Everyone down under has great ideas and incredible compassion, and thanks for the kitten glop recipe to help him eat and learn easier w/his new tongue. Sasha's vet is a french doctor, Nicolle Boudreau from Halifax, Nova Scotia, who makes her home way out here in the Northwest and she's pretty brilliant. She will be giving him a complete re-exam on Saturday to monitor the tongue/eating issues and assess how he is progessing with the neuroloigcal ones, and also the psychological one to help him pee, just overall healing. We try to be very thorough and make a list of questions beforehand to nail all the items so we don't fret over forgetting to ask certain things - how many times have we all done that!
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I hate it when that happens. You go to the doctor and they tell you something and you say ok, and leave. Then in the car ride home you think of a million questions you should have asked. I am so glad that Sasha is doing so much better. You are such a good mommy to him and he is just a miracle. Give him lots of kisses from me and I am still keeping him in my prayers that he continues along with his recovery.
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Great idea to make a list of questions before ever getting to the vet! Everso happy about Sasha's continued recovery!
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OMG! OMG! Sasha pooped!!! He peed! first poop since the coyote attack and he did this on his own in his upstairs room w/the litter in the closet w/ the little sliding door so he would feel safe and not traumatized. OMG!! I have never been so excited about cat poop in my entire life. First time in 11 days! Major Major Breakthrough! Now, he just has gotta eat on his own with that awful tongue and start to move his right eye and not drool quite so much and we're almost there!!! OH YEAH BABY!
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Sasha pooped! HURRAY!
Way to go, Sasha!!! Making progress everyday! Thanks so much for this fantastic news!
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Wonderful news! I am proud to say, today I am excited about kitty poop.
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You have one terrific little kitty boy there, and that is splendid news! 'Course, his Mum's not too shabby, either, ya know -- you are doing so well with him -- I just know he feels your encouragement and love, and that's a big part of his progress.
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I dunno Fran, it was probably the photo of Fawn he saw that motivated him to get with it!
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