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Will do on the yougurt, although he doesn't take to dairy that well so maybe we'll do the crushed pill. Vet did say mild reaction to anitbiotic is drooling and he did drool w/in 30 minutes of receiving it,but calmed down. He ate 10cc solid food/syringe this evening and he lapped up all the tuna juice I strained out of a can, albeit w/some thin mucus/drool dropping into the plate. I am thinking tuna has protein, and he loves tuna juice..??!!..also observing his sense of smell must be present in some form, because as soon as the little plate of tuna juice was near him he immediately stood up to eat....so I'm thinking of buying a ton of low-sodium tuna so he can have the juice. Also his sinus area seems stuffy like the vet said, as one of the penetrations went into that area from the coyote's teeth. I have heard Grapefruit Seed Extract also works for sinus or respiratory issues. Hoping my idea of low-sodium strained tuna juice is ok......
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Probably best if you diluted the tuna juice half and half with water. As long as it's just the juice and not the tuna itself, it should be fine. You're going to be eating tuna until it comes out your ears! lol Great news that Sasha has some sense of smell, too. GSE works as an excellent overall bug fighter so yes, you can go ahead and add 1 drop to his food.
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Wow Sasha is a handsome and brave guy The Fur Babies and I are still keeping him in our thoughts and prayers. I know that you are so very very glad that you have the next 4 days with him 24/7. Those wounds do look wicked Take care of you too while you are tending Sasha he needs you. Give him a very gentle rub from me
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Originally Posted by sashacat421

I woke up at 7 and there he was with his little battered head on the pillow beside me, facing towards me. So I put my arm around him and he purred and slept next to my face.
That really touched my heart, Elizabeth! Wow, Sasha, what a remarkable recovery your making! You're so amazing! Please continue to keep us updated, Elizabeth!
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Sat night: Sasha continues to sleep underneath the night table by the bed with a tablecloth over it, a "tent". He has not yet urinated, but water consumption has leveled off. Laps tuna juice and gets his entire face dirty, as he is learning to re-use tongue amid all the injuries in his mouth --and then takes watered-down friskies mixed w/vet food in the syringe, not that much about 1 tablespoon ever 4 hours - he has got to eat more! Pills no problem, he takes them in the middle of tuna juice from my fingers in his mouth very quick and gentle, no throat. Does anyone know how effective for "food" tuna juice might be? Neck is draining slowly. His cognitive reactions are slow. Affection good, he seems happy to be fed and to have some privacy upstairs. Sinus/stuffy continues. Checking on him every 30 minutes. Every little bit he lives is a miracle!! Sasha especially thanks the Aussies who have been reading our story from down under today!
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I still can not get over how truly amazing your little boy is. He is so brave, and everyday is filled with miracles for you. I am so pleased to here of all the progress he has made I look forward to checking in on this post to read how Sasha is doing. In the beginning I was a little nervous about it, but now I am excited as I know he is pulling through and he is going to be ok, one little hero at that. I am still keeping him in my prayers.
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Just checked in to see how Sasha is doing. What a little trouper he is. Sounds as if he is on the way up now. For the time being I don't think the tuna juice will do any harm, because you have to get him eat. You are doing a marvellous job.
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I too am worried that he is drinking so much and not urinating. I think at this point, I would try stimulating him, just as you would have when he was a kitten. Use warm water and a soft cloth but see if you can get something working for him. Going this far with him in this injury and then having him shut down into renal failure would be devastating. He has outlived the shock of his life and the stress alone may stop him from urinating.
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Yeah, it really concerns me too this morning, still no urination. He did wake to drink twice last night and is lapping up tuna juice, has his meds, and ate the vet food 23 cc from the syringe. He is awake and alert. I will try what you've just suggested to stimulate him a bit. I did place him gently in the litter box, but nothing.
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You may have to get the vet to show you how to manually empty his bladder as he may have nerve damage in his lower back or tail, causing him to not be able to urinate. Don't leave it too long before you take him to the vet as having an extremely full bladder can damage the nerves around it, as well as being very, very painful for Sahsa.
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Success! As suggested I gave him a warm cloth bath and gently cleaned his rump and hind legs and then put him in the downstairs litter box and he peeed immediately. It was dark yellow so he's absorbing the water rapidly and will need more. Now he's sleeping underneath the dining room table. You can see the pumpkin patch and the attack area very clearly from this room, and he didn't even bother to look out the window, which he always does. So far, still ignoring the outside world (good!) and is acting quiet, though purringly softly when I whisper is his ear. You know, it did occur to me that this might be a very hard thread for some people to read, the graveness of the injury and high chance Sasha wouldn't make it, so I'm glad that each day has brought positive baby steps and even though we are ecstatic we are also aware that he might have bad days and steps backward as well.
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Great news! Good boy Sahsa! You may have to stimulate him like this three or four times a day so he's urinating regularily.
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happy pee pee dance This is great news
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ALRIGHT SASHA You go boy That is fantastic news. I am glad to hear that he went potty. Still sending lots of get well vibes for him
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OH, gooooooood news!! Lotsa good vibes and prayers for you and your wonderful, brave boy. Keep up the good work, Sasha.
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Great news, Sasha! Getting better everyday!
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How is Sasha this morning? Still thinking about him and praying that he is doing well
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I am so glad you were able to get Sasha to go pee pee
I was sooooo worried when you said he wasn't going. I am still praying for you guys and it sounds like all of the prayers are definately being heard.
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I was dreading reading incase anything else happend over the weekend!.

But it's the complete opposite!

Come on Sasha baby your winning!
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happy happy - joy joy - happy happy - joy joy~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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OK! YEAH SASHA! Slept very well overnight, his little head on my pillow again, very clingy --this is new, as he's normally quite independent.
Woke up 3 am to drink, but a normal 2 min drink for a cat is now almost 15 minutes as he has to learn to use his tongue again, and it's now diagonal, so he puts his entire face in the water and kinda "bites" at the water. Then I lifted him back up on the bed and he snuggled and slept. Alarm went off at 6 - and amazingly he jumped! off the bed and sat in the tub --What????
He seemed to understand it was the morning routine. Sasha gets his morphine patch off today and a good comprehensive check at the vet. Still not eating enough, he's on a/d diet but hates it and takes only 15-25 cc each time, gotta do more. But we had a long conversation last night in bed and I told him he's got to really be intent on eating. More later. Thank you again for all your support from the 4 kitty corners of the world, my goodness!
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This is wonderful news
It sounds like Sasha is making more and more progress everyday. As far as him being clingy, I think Sasha knows what an ordeal he has put you through, and how much you love him, he probably can't get enough of ya . Also, I am sure he is probably still feeling a little vulnerable. He has been through more than most cats in his precious little life. I still can't get over how amazing her is. Please let us know what the vet says after his check up.
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Good luck at the vets, I'm so glad to hear that Sasha continues to improve (Yay Sasha!!!) Please let us know how it goes!
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The news just keeps getting better!! I'll be waiting with bated breath for a vet report.
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You are doing such a wonderful job there, and so is Sasha.
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The news gets better and better! Already getting back into the regular routine! Aaaww, poor Sasha having to get his whole sweet face wet drinking water. I'm just so excited he's drinking so successfully! Come on, Sasha, eat that yummy food! That's so sweet that he's snuggling up at night, he loves you so much and he sure knows how much you love him! Just can't wait to hear how the vet trip went! Stephanie
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Good and bad. He's home, very worn out from the hour drive to the vet and peed in the carrier - somthing he's never done in 12 years. I can only sense he is still so traumatized he thought we were sending him away. But the good news is that he has no kidney or liver symptoms and no fever. The darker news is that his right eye still won't blink on its own, the loss of the palpebral nerve is still there, although this may come back w/time....we still don't know on the sense of smell, the olfactory, ..and he's lost 1.5 lbs. since the coyote attack, but hey, if I was attacked by a dog larger than me who got my head in a lock and whose fangs severed my tongue and came up through my chin into my mouth it was so brutual - hey -I'd lose a pound or two from that kind of stress too!! He needs to eat more. Much more. And there has been small improvment w/the tongue and neck but not nearly enough. I am scolding myself for wanting him to be better, faster, when I must remind myself that he's ALIVE and this is going to be a long, long haul. He is not dehydrated at all, drinking good, just can't get the hang of food and the syringe isn't the best, we're trying a different size. He was so happy to come home again! He had a/d food, tuna juice, a ton of water. He is sleeping on his 12 yr old-baby blanket we have always had. It's so fluffy white and has holes in it in places but it's his kitten place. He looked out the front window when he came home and that was that. I am trying not to be depressed, I know there's tons of hope and good will cheering him on and he is getting some Sasha personality back. Just gotta eat, gotta eat!
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Thank you so much for the update. Because he is able to lap, you might want to try giving him kitten glop. It's full of vitamins and minerals and might be just the thing he needs. You'll find the recipe halfway down this page. You don't need to boil the water as he's a big boy. Just warm it a little for him and see if he likes it - it's yummy!
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Don't get down. Of course you wanted more, but Sasha really is doing incredibly well considering what happened to him!

Has Sasha been peeing on his own? If not, you could almost take his accident in the carrier as a good sign - he did it on his own! That's a normal cat response, I've heard of many kitties who pee in the carrier on the way to the vet.

Keep going Sasha! There's a whole lot of people out there pulling for you!!!!
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How wonderful to hear Sasha's kidney are functioning properly and he has no fever! Sorry you had a rough day, Sasha. Go cuddle up on your special blanket and get some rest, and please eat for your Mommy! we're praying for you! Stephanie
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