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I just saw this. It sounds like it was a really traumatic experience, but I'm glad Sasha is getting better now.
Originally posted by sashacat421
Sasha is 12, very experienced and very ingrained in his outdoor life, and very nocturnal. Aside from purchasing new interactive toys for the indoors, how to make him adjust? We are bracing for Sasha not returning ever to 100% even if he makes it through the next couple of days. But even a "slow" kitty will want to return to the outside
If Sasha does insist on going outside again, one thing you could do to keep him safe is either buy or make an outdoor cat enclosure.
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Prayers are in the air for this fighter!
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Sasha will make it home!

And with luck even for your peace of mind, he never wants to go out again!
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to you
Thanks for the pic , what a handsome boy he is .

I will keep him in my prayers
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Sasha is a very handsome boy, and a brave one at that I am still praying for you both
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Go Sasha! Go Sasha! Go Sasha!
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Sasha has no fever, his vision appears to have returned to normal, and he drank and groomed a tiny bit on his own. Grooming was VICTORIOUS to see, as that entails a cognitive "thinking process" and he wants to live and be handsome!
He put his toungue back in his mouth on his own, and the swelling on the skull and neck has gone down enough where they can now use ice packs. He gets to come home for the weekend to see if that speeds some healing, and we will siringe -feed him. He gets the morphine patch until Monday. The greatest hurdle is going to be eating on his own. He still has the loopy-looking right side of his face and a slightly dropped right upper lid and no eyebrows, but he's MY GUY. There is a kitty God, there is a kitty God, there is a kitty God.
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That's great to hear!!!!!!! He's a one in a million tuffguy. Give him some scritches from us.

Jeff & Sue
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This is amazing news - he is one really tuff little guy. Sasha the cayote fighter. Lets just hope he doesnt go another round.
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Yea . That is great news You go Sasha
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Thanks Hedi --BTW, what happened to Ginger last Fall? I left off right when Freddie died and could barely live myself. Was she ever ok? I see her photo up there with your bunch~~~
Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!! I go to get him in two hours. We made little soft spaces for him everywhere in the house and also dark spaces. He will probably seek out his favorite spot underneath the bathtub! Cool, dark, quiet, and very protected. I don't want him to go another round, either! The local little paper called and they are running an article on him so he will get his picture in the paper.
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Wow! He's going to be famous! And so he should, after all he's been through and survived.
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Holy cow! Just read this thread for the first time (don't know HOW I missed it!?!?!)...

Sasha is an amazing cat!! TONS of healthy, healing, and calming energy being sent to him.
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I am so glad he is coming home. Please take it easy syringe-feeding him- just take it really slow as he could have some damage to his throat as well. Make sure the syringe plunger pushes in and out easily and don't wash the feeding syringe in anything other than hot water (liquid soap will corrode the rubber) this will cause sudden bursts of food and liquid to go down his throat faster than they should.
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I am sooooo glad to read that Sasha gets to come home! What an absolutely amazing boy you have.
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Hurray, Sasha! This is the most amazing news I could have imagined! You're such a strong fighter! We're so proud of you!
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I'm so glad to see more good news!! Go Sasha!!!!!
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You Go Sasha This is great news. We are all routing for you Sasha the Coyote fighter.
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Great news! Way to go, Sasha!
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Have been frightened of coming back to the thread. Wow! Great news. Well done Sasha
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He came home and wandered slowly around the house checking it all out. He is drinking huge quantities of water but not urinating, it seems to be aborbing into his system. He needs to be force-fed gently w/syringe 4 to 6x/day so he can have some susitenence. His personality is showing through a little....he spent the majority of the night under Eric's nightstand, his favorite serious sleep place and then around 4 a.m. crawled into bed with me, I'm overjoyed.

I woke up at 7 and there he was with his little battered head on the pillow beside me, facing towards me. So I put my arm around him and he purred and slept next to my face. He needs really good sleep. It's raining here today so as of now, he has not wanted to be downstairs or howled to go out. He did test his door, and made a noise after he saw it was locked as soon as he came home. His vision appears to be good, balance good, affection good, just eating on his own and learning to use his tongue again will be the hurdle. We are heat-packing his neck/lower mouth where the coyote apparently had him in a head lock. Some say ice, some say heat. Heat should draw the fluid out of the abcess, so we are told. We are home for 4 days straight, so he will have us 24 hours by his side, never alone unless he wants to be. The vet continues to remindus how lucky we are and how remarkable his recovery is. I asked howmuch longer I had thatnight when I ran to get him and she said, "15 seconds or less." This photo from the vet shows his head wounds and neck,although he's black so it's hard to see, but when you compare it w/the one posted above, it's evident. Big chucks out of his jaw and neck underneath, puncture wounds on top that went into his olfactory area but we are hoping he still can smell so he can eat! Any experiences w/no smell and then rejection of food???? He's sleeping now. Should we wake him for food or let him sleep & not bother him?
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Sasha is one handsome boy. It really does sound it is like he is making really good progress. I am glad that you are able to spend the next 4 days with him to make sure he continues to improve. (I am sure you are too) I am still keeping this brave kitty in my prayers for his continuing recovery. Thank you very much for keeping us updated, as we are all pulling for him.
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Believe me, Lord, I can feel the energy from all around the world on this one! I tell him too. I'm very grateful, it's hard to think of the exact words. Elizabeth
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Sasha has done so marvellous. The more you tell us the more it is obvious you are so lucky to still have him there, but he seems to have the will to fight. Brave Sasha Loads of good vibes coming over to you and Sasha. Keep on getting better Sasha.
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How did I miss this thread??

What an ordeal you and your boy have been through! I'm so thankful that he's making good progress, but how horrible for you all.

Please give him whatever hugs he's ready for (from me) and murmur my encouragement in his ear. What a guy!
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Sasha is an amazing kitty with an amazing family! Sounds like he is making a truly remarkable recovery from his ordeal. He is beautiful.

More positive, healing energy being sent to him from Colorado!
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Yes, I would wake him for his feeds. Do it gently and quietly explain to him what you are doing as you do it. The food is helping greatly toward his healing and regenerating so it's important that he gets it. something else you can give him is Nutrical. It comes in a tube and is especially designed for sick or injured cats who aren't eating on their own. It is full of vitamins and minerals and just might give Sasha the boost he needs.

With the ability to smell, a cat will be reluctant to eat if he can't smell the food. something you can try is warming his food as this makes it smell more. Put a good quality canned kitten food in the microwave for 10-15 seconds, stir well to get rid of any hot spots and stick your finger right in it to make sure it's not too hot. Offer him a little warmed food on the end of your finger before each feed and hopefully, when he's ready and his tounge has healed a little, he will lick it off. If not, you have the tools to force-feed him, as you've been doing.

It worries me that he's drinking a lot but not urinating. Watch him closely (as if you're not already!) when he visits the litter-box to see if he's straining to pass urine or looks in pain. If he is, straight back to the vet as he may have a blockage.

Elizabeth, what an amazing and brave boy he is. Please give him a gentle kiss and cuddle from his Aussie Aunty Kumbulu.
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ok we'll go wake him now. The vet gave us this extremely soft food that sucks right up in the siringe, he just doesn't seem to like it. It's not super-food, just super soft, so I mixed in his favorite food that has a slightly higher fat content and hopefully he'll eat. He does not seem dehyrated by the pinch test, and he was urinating a lot @the vet and did so right before he came home last night. Could the morphine and antibotic "Clavamox" make cotton mouth? Forgot to ask Dr. B that one! We put water/wet food/litter both upstairs and down,as well as "caves and tents with pillows". The feedback from everyone who has experienced severe shock & injury such as this has been wonderful. We really need it as the vet is closed until Monday so to hear from other people is fantastic. Sasha continues to be remarkable, and according to the neighborhood, the only surviving coyote clubber anyone has heard of around thee parts. ok, I'm going to wake/feed him now. Thanks ever so much!!!!
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With the cotton mouth, it is most likely caused by a combination of things. I would give Sasha 5ml of full fat plain yoghurt once a day as being on Clavamox (an antibiotic) can sometimes cause thrush in the mouth. Alternatively, you can crush 1/4 of an acidophollus tablet or a 1/2 of a baby-dophillus tablet, mix it in with the syringed food once a day and feed.
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