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You're doing a wonderful job with him.
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Originally Posted by sashacat421
I dunno Fran, it was probably the photo of Fawn he saw that motivated him to get with it!
She'd be flattered if that were in a cat's nature but I'm sure she sends her encouragement and good wishes.
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Hooray!! Sasha good boy.
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YAY!!! Go Sasha Go.....ummmm, literally!
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I'll keep Sasha in my thoughts.
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Yay Sasha!!!!!!!!! Glad to hear things are still improving!
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How is Sasha today? Glad to hear of all his little accomplishments You are doing a fantastic job with him. Sasha you continue to get better
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Hooray for Sasha
I am still amazed everytime I read this thread. You have got to be so proud of him
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Sasha went to see Dr B. today. She said WOW. JUST WOW. His neurological dmage has receded with the palpebral nerve in his right eye and he does blink now. Peripheral vision is great on left, weaker but improved on right. His head wounds are scabbing w/no hint of abcess, his weight is steady, no fever. Tongue function is starting to return to more in center of mouth, not hanging out to the side - AND - to reward him for being such a sport, we gave him a tiny piece of bacon and he picked it up himself, chewed and swallowed on his own. Praise the Feline Lord of Lords! This morning while I was in the bathroom he came in went to the bathroom too, not that anybody really needs to know this but, hey, it worked and that's great considering he still is showing signs of psychological trauma in that area. So Sasha nailed the exam, YEAH BABY!

We're holding off on going to any neurological specialist or doing CT scans to let nature take it's course for the next couple of weeks. He is also starting to show signs of wanting to return to the outdoors (more time by the window and scratching once at the cat door) but that ain't gonna happen. This big coyote clubber continues to make remarkable progress and I have derived so much strength from this site, you just have no idea. Well, then again, maybe you do.
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Sasha we've rooting for you, but please stay inside
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I have kept watch on this thread ever since I found it and I love getting the good news updates! Yay for Sasha, what a fighter!
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Kellye this is great news, and after all the hard work you and Sasha have put into it, only what you deserve. Please, please Sasha never go out again.
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Yay Sahsa! Good boy!

Elizabeth, I also wanted to add that much of Sasha's recovery is because of you. You have been so wonderful with him - patient, observant, positive and so very, very loving. It is such a special bond you share. You have been so instrumental in his recovery. Kudos to you.
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Everyone always says the best things! We're doin' good and it's all about MY MIRACLE GUY. Hey, I'm armed with super-food, a syringe that looks like it's on steroids, my shotgun and kitten glop, so bring it ON. Coyotes of the world, watch out - we're not dying we're gettin' better! That's the best revenge and it's from Sasha's MAMA
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Sasha You Go Boy! Even potty news is great news to us We know that he is getting better when you tell us about his little accomplishments. Now Sasha boy you are a really brave boy but you can't go outside anymore, without supervision, so forget it.

Hey Sasha I hope that ole coyote has an infected wound where you got your shot in too

More healing vibes headed your way from me, the boys and the girl.
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Sasha you brave, beautiful boy. Keep going
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Elizabeth and Sasha! I am ecstatic for you both! Keep up the strength and good work! Your little man is amazing and so are you! Your patience is indespensable, and that is soo important. I'll be keeping up with this thread and your progress, as I know you two will continue to do so! Take care!
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Okay how is the Sasha Man today? I can't wait to hear how he is doing Sasha you beauty no more coyote wrestling ya hear!
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Sasha the coyote clubber peed on his own in his downstairs closet box overnight! Then, this morning, we set down a tiny bit of his normal food in his bowl and he did try and eat on his own, but his toungue could just not do it. I almost cried. He is still severely bruised on one side of his lower jaw where the coyote's fangs punctured and then exited through the inside of his mouth but he wanted to try anyway. I know he's getting tired of the syringe and wants his regular food. I then put a tiny bit on my finger and he did lick it off, although lopsided and loopy!!!! But that was all he could do. It was exhausting and frustrating for him, but you wouldn't believe his attitude, what a positive attitude every single day. What a struggle it has been. Eric immediately fed him and then he got his little heat pak under his jaw and promptly fell asleep.

But there also has been improvement with his cognitive process, as he is much more alert and sleeping not 24 hrs, but 22 hrs a day, and using his awake time to sit under the orchids (I raise orchids as a hobby in the spare bedroom) and look out the window down to the backyard......but he has not once looked out the dining room window at the pumpkin patch.....very interesting. It's been 2 weeks to the day and if you had told me he'd be this far along, much less alive, I would have not believed you although Sasha, in 12 years, has never been sick a day in his life and he's like this big, strappin' little guy, all solid muscle. We are making sure he walks upstairs and down at least 2-3x per day to give him some cardio! That's important.

Blondiecat your pups are wonderful. You must tell me how you integrated them w/your kitties.
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Elizabeth, I just love reading the updates on Sasha! Like you, I can't believe how much he has progressed in just 2 weeks. What a wonderful, brave boy.
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That's fabulous, Elizabeth, the your big strong Sasha peed all on his own and is has so much determination to eat! How sweet that he licked a bit off you finger! I'm glad he's also enjoying the beauty of your orchids! Everyday I look forward to the progress being made by your strong willed Sasha! Thank you! Stephanie
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well I don't know about today as much as I thought......he seems somewhat depressed and quiet. He's always been a quiet kitty but his mood isn't as purrry and although he is affectionate he is not doing any better eating on his own. Yet -here's what's weird - he loves to get his face rubbed gently and when we've been brushing his body he'll turn and try to get his face in it as much as he can to get the rubs from the little brush. I gave him some chicken broth and one tiny piece of meat, smaller than what he handled on his own yesterday, and he couldn't do it. I'm wondering if he's just so sore from overdoing it yesterday...like he wanted to work his tongue so bad and he tried so hard and then it's all acting up today and it's just too exhusting for him. Why can he groom and play w/the brush on the side of his face but not even lap the broth? I his tongue just flat out numb w/zero feeling and he can't operate it inside his mouth or is it just so painful to eat - but then why can he groom???? I am so frustrated today, and have no answers and he seems depressed. He's sleeping on top of the warm dryer right now.
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Remember, it is still so soon after the attack. He may be able to groom because it is an action where the flat tongue 'drags' across the fur - no complicated movement of the tongue is required. Lapping and eating require more dexterity of the tongue. When he likes to rub against the brush, he may like getting the cheeks rubbed, the tongue wouldn't be being touched. Just keep him on the kitten glop and slowly slowly introduce him to other foods. Have you tried some meat flavoured baby food? He may enjoy that. Make sure it doesn't contain onions.
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I can imagine your frustration with all of this! But please try and remember that it really has only been two weeks, and he has improved so much so quickly! The tongue is a muscle, and I would imagine that this injury is terribly painful for him. He is a tough, tough boy and trucking through all this like no other, but perhaps this may take a little more time to heal than previously thought. Try to take a step back and just think of all that he's accomplished so far. I'm sure he's just as frustrated as you, if not more! I remember feeding Tank with a syringe, and we both hated it so much! Sometimes I would cry because I knew how miserable he was, and this may sound cheesy, but I think it hurt his pride to be fed like that, too. But your boy is full of pride, as well as strength, and he will come around!! Probably just some more time, patience, and love is all that's needed. His whole life has changed at this time; he's indoor vs. indoor/outdoor, he had a significant head injury, lots of trauma (physically and mentally!), and must relearn how to eat due to pain and injury. Please stay encouraged....he's doing fabulous and will only continue to get better! Love on him a bit during the two hours a day he is up and about (I know you already do, but give him some love for all of us from TCS who've been praying for his healing!).
Take care and keep us updated!
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I know, I know, all of you are so right. I just got a PM from a friend on the site and she said the same thing! And I appreciate that because I am so mad! I have anger at the coyote that robbed him of his normal life, I am angry that this coyote mauled him and just about killed him and now he can't eat on his own and might have brain damage, and I am mad that this coyote did it while he was peeing in his own pumpkin patch. I have that kind of anger and it's only because I want so much for Sasha as he's so kind and giving of his affection and self around the neighborhood. This afternoon --we have had the worst weather the entire weeekend, nothing but huge amounts of non-stop rain up here in the hills (how are you where you are?) -- and my former (11/9/03 RIP) Freddie's mama from across the way came up on the porch to look for her buddy Sasha....... and he didn't even want to go out to bump noses w/her like he does in the afternoons!! I am dismayed at that.

I have this dream that I'll be sitting on my front porch in a rocker when I'm 85 and saucy, still hunting down that coyote who did all this. Everyone thinks I have been so good, and when I look at Sasha I do indeed just melt like butter. Then I look out across the pumpkins and through the pines and get mad. And I know it's ok to have this anger, that I am human, that we have been so stressed, that we are real people and not fakey fakey like everything is glorious when our tears fall every day. But how can he groom and not eat???? Oh, I will pray and be calm. I will.
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Elizabeth, it is completely normal to be so angry. And it's a good thing sometimes too.

We just don't want to have to visit you in the psychiatric hospital and have the doctors say, "She won't talk to us, all she says is, "Must get the coyote, must get the coyote, must get the coyote..." " LOL

Hang in there, both you and Sasha are handling this wonderfully.
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Originally Posted by sashacat421
Blondiecat your pups are wonderful. You must tell me how you integrated them w/your kitties.
Sadly I can't let Nakita or Dakota have any interaction with The Sammycat or Oscar Both of them think that small furry animals besides Ceasar is fair game and will kill it. I have tried to introduce them with a fence in between us with The Sammycat in my arms but that didn't work out at all. When Nemo was alive he would always give The Sammycat a big ole sloppy wet kiss You could tell that The Sammycat wasn't too happy about that 100lb dog giving him a kiss but he tolerated it

Now Ceasar and the boys get along fine together, Oscar and The Sammycat will give Ceasar a bath on a daily basis and somtimes I have to make The Sammycat leave Ceasar alone, he out weighs him by about 4 lbs and can put a hurtin on Ceasar. But Oscar and The Sammycat love Ceasar to death

I am glad to hear that Sasha is improving It's okay that you are angry I don't know if I wouldn't be on the hunt for a coyote myself shotgun in hand Sasha You beautiful boy I know you are tired of fighting this but you hang in there it want always be so painful, I promise that.You will have good days and bad days and I hope that you have more good than bad. Gentle Rubs from me to you Sasha-The Brave
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Anger is a normal part of dealing with something traumatic like this. I'm sure Sasha is angry and frustrated too. You can use each other to lean on and get strangth from.
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