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what do you love most about this site?

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so what is the best thing that you love about this site
the thing that i love is that everyone is just so caring, and when you first join everyone is so welcoming, and that is nice.
also i like that if you have a question about almost anything, theyre is always someone on here that is going to know the answer and a love the fact that when youre feeling a bit down, and you talk about it on here you always end up feeling 100 times better because everyone brightens you up
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I think I have to go along with you on all of your reasons. Everyone here is awesome. It's so nice to come and be able to talk to friends. I also especially love the fact that you can ask a question, cat related or even sometimes not and get an answer within a few minutes. Everyone is also very supportive when it comes to making tough decisions regarding our babies. You can always count on someone being there when you need them I think the Mods do an awesome job and Anne in wonderful I also like the way they ask our opinions about changes to the site, and they don't only ask our opinions but truly take them into consideration. I also like the way they are open to our suggestions. If they don't agree with a suggestion we come up with, we get a very good explanation as to why it won't work. I feel that they truly care about us
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All in all, it is a great site, there are so many caring people here, you can count on support when you need it, and you can be there for others, you get to meet others, you get answers whenever you need them, and pretty fast too, I agree with you both Caz and Squirtle.
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Oh god where do i start?!.

I feel as though i've known everyone for years and that they are like a true, genuine friends.

In my worry about wether or not to take on a second kitty so many people reassured me, and i'm so pleased i did take on Sophie in the end

Any problems with kitts or on a personal level, everyone is there to listen and give advice.

And i have to mention Heidi!. Because without her help no one would have been able to see my babies otherwise
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everybody here are always so caring and I guess- people - cat lovers are the one who makes this site 100 better then any other in the internet...
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I also enjoy the fact that everyone is so nice.

Also, I can come on here and ask a question and ALWAYS get an answer.

I like reading the cute cat stories and seeing the adorable pictures posted, too.
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This site always makes me feel good. You can come here and see some of the sweet pictures and hear the stories and you come away in a better mood.

I also love that I can get answers and reassurance about my kitties (even when it is a silly question) without being judged for whatever it is I don't know.

Yay for TCS!!
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i love how many people care as well but they also take you under their wings and show you the ropes or they put you in the right spot if you mess up a post and everyones furbabies that they share with us
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Wow, where do I start! Every since I became a part of TCS, I've felt as if I'm surrounded by a loving circle of long time friends. With joy in our hearts, we celebrate eachother's laughter and triumphs. With heavy sorrow, we share eachother's grief, pain and disappointments. I know that I can always rely on an honest, dependable answer, a shoulder to cry on, and friends to love Sierra and enjoy her pictures and stories (almost) as much as I do! Everyday, I look forward to and thoroughly enjoy my time here! Really don't know what I would do without TCS! Thank you to everyone here and all who make it possible!
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What I love most about this site is that it is so interactive. Everyone is so caring and friendly! You can always be sure to have friends online who will listen, advise, understand and just be be there for you and your kitties. Or you can just sit back and read everyones threads , enjoy all the cat pics and join in the polls.
This is my FAVOURITE cat site.....Its the first place I come to when I switch on my computer! (and throughout the whole day.. )
Thanks to everyone who runs this fabulous site and thanks to everyone who is here!!!!
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I've been on this site for nearly 2 years & am truly addicted! From the very beginning, I felt welcomed & have made some dear friends on here. I think its wonderful to come to a place that I feel secure about posting some personal things & can share common ground with others with out getting flamed or talked hateful to. I've been on a few other boards before & none of them compare to TCS! I love the fact that we all have a common connection (the love of cats!) & we can have mature conversations. Many times on boards, if you don't agree with the majority than you are flamed on the spot. The Mods on here do a fabulous job, Maryanne & Anne give 200% to this place & the members here are awesome!
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The Cats! They've trained all the people here to be great.

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Wow I am like the rest where to start? When I first came to TCS last year I was in a panic because Oscar had just had surgery and his stitches had come loose and he was bleeding. I didn't know what to do at all No one on here flamed me because I didn't know what to do and all were so helpful, they got me calmed down and Oscar was fine.

I have made some great friends along the way and have laughed and cried on here with my friends. I always know that when I need a shoulder to cry on I can always come here and pour my heart out and noone makes fun of me for it. Even when I have some of my DUH moments (and I have them often it seems )

Learning all about cats and other things here have enriched my life. I never knew about declawing a cat until I came here and I certainly want ever do that to a purrbaby now that I know what happens to them. Armed with this knowledge I have been able to talk people out of declawing their cats.

Thank you TCS for enriching me and others here, I have finally found my home TCS MEMBERS ROCKS!
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I agree with everything already said, in addition to that-
I love TCS because I feel welcome here. My posts aren't ignored; that happens to me on another board.
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I first came to TCS in September 2001, just a few days after my 14 year old cat Midnight was pts. I was completely devestated over Midnight's death, and the support I received in response to my post about her helped me feel a little better. I think there are a lot of wonderful people here at TCS, and I really like the user-friendlyness of the site.
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Originally Posted by Lorie D.
<snip> I think there are a lot of wonderful people here at TCS, and I really like the user-friendlyness of the site.
Lorie, I guess you could say that its "User Friendly" in two ways, the tecnological aspect, and the membership personality aspect too!
I have to say I agree with all that has been said above me, and that its one place where I feel totally at home. Thanks Anne!
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I have a lot of friends here and they all have beautiful kitties.
Also there is so much help and information, don't need to go anywhere else.
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I have been here almost two years and always find support, compassion, laughs, and great pics of very adorable cats! There is always a great educational aspect that filters through the threads and makes people aware how complex these feline creatures can be.

I have learned so much and have met some amazing people. I couldn't stay away if I tried! This site continues to be a very positive experience for me and I am so glad I found it.

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hmm.... Everything?
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Do I have to pick ONE thing??'s the caring for ferals/strays forum. I have been sooooo impressed that these is a forum for caretakers and those who care about ferals and strays to talk openly and share successes and concerns.

BTW...I recommend this site EVERYWHERE.

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