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so everyone, i know its took a long time to get it, but i finally got a picture of socks on the pc, so here he is, i know its not a brill one, but its the only one i got on here at the moment. he was 11 weeks old yesterday, hes gorgous isint he
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Awwww Caz gorgeous is an understatement!!! he's so sweet

Try and get us more pics of socks!

I've just noticed, he has a little smudge on his nose like my two
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Socks is so adorable! Oh, please more pics!
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oh thankyou, ill try get more on today
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Socks is adorable and his little nose is colored just like Dori's!
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Awwwww Socks is a real cutie pie More pictures please
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Aaaww what a cutie he is
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What a sweet face!
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what a cutie pie!!!!
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He's a cutie
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He's so cute!!
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So sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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what a cutie....beautiful eyes too!!!!!!!
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Awww, what a darling he is!!
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