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Posting Images

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It looks like the file attachments are taking up a huge amount of expensive space on the site's servers. So I've had to make a few changes. From now on only files that are less than 30k in file size and less than 400*400 pixels in size can be uploaded. I hope this is not too inconvenient...

By the way, if you are posting images from the internet please please use the IMG tag instead of uploading the files. That way you can add as many images as you like in whatever size without burdening the system.

I've put an announcement about this but I wanted to add some more info and let you have your say
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So sorry about putting an attachment in the kitty humor thread...
I did not intend that. I tried to make it an embedded pic, and, well, got an attachment instead. Then I tried to delete it, and I couldn't.

I just saw this posting thread about not doing attachments.

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Dear Anne,
Is there something that can be done about not getting those little boxes with red x's in them? I know how to mirror the picture from the website, but occassionally these are not posting properly...can you tell me what the problem may be?
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I will try experimenting with the images in a few days, when hopefully I feel up to it again.

But I can use advice....

After all, when I get pics of Danielle, I will have to post them!
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There's not much you can do about the red X's other than try and visit that other site and check to see if the URL was maybe changed. If it's still the same, then it's a temp problem on their server and you won't be able to see the image there either. Sometimes it's a routing problem and that means that while you see the red x's, other members can see the pictures.
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Well thank you and that certainly made sense of it all!

Thanks Anne

Love & Peace
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I have just deleted most of the pics I posted before. Hope it helps
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Dear Dodo

Dodo!! How sweet of you to do that...I think you just set a good lead for all of us to take! I will do the same...boy ...UGH...my job is cut out for me!!! :LOL::LOL::laughing2
Love & Peace :angel2:
Catarina (this one's not attached though):laughing2

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Hi Cat

It's nice if I set an example for everyone

I think we can still post pictures to update. And we can delete the old.

Love & Peace
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