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wierd cat behavior

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When my cat is getting ready to lay down he "kneeds" the sofa or person with his paws. He sometimes does this for minutes at a time. He is purring when he does this. He also does this sometimes while he is laying down. He always does this when he lays on or next to somebody. It is almost as if he is in a zone when he does this. It is very awkward. He is a three year old Oci cat. I want to know what this behavior means. Thank you

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When newborn kittens are hungry they knead (edited for spelling lol) mommies tummy to help the flow of milk.
It's normal. Our 19 year old cat still does it. It's comforting to them.

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It means that he is a very content and happy kitty. Very normal behavior for cats.

Moving this to the Behavior forum.
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bookerj..hey Jason..welcome to TCS. My cats do that too....especially in their beds..but they also do it to me as well. It is very conforting to them.

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First off let me say The Sammycat is famous for that. He makes the best bread in the house with his kneading Really it just means that they are contented and happy
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Rosie is two years old and does it on the blanket that she's had as a kitten. I call it her comfort blanket
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Dori does it to me every night when we go to bed, if I am lucky she will do it to my back and shoulders just like a massage
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Loki does this every chance he gets - it means he is a very happy camper.
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