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cabin fever.

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I'm looking for suggestions on entertaining two very snowbound kitties. Poor lads have only been able to get out for very brief walks and are getting a bit bored. I've made them cat-toys,scratch-boards,treats,played catch-the-mouse. To tell you the truth,I'm getting sick of all this snow too. So what're some of your favorite kitty games??
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hehe, my cats dont know what snow is, but I know I am getting tired of it!! I would have to say, my favorite thing to watch them play with is the shiny fuzzy balls. I always buy the med size ones at wal mart because they are cheaper than the ones at the pet store. Most of my cats pick them out of the toy basket first.
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My Merlin has two favorite toys....either a little bit of paper rolled into a ball or his favorite plastic ball....either of which seems to keep him entertained for long periods of time!! ( I think he is easily amused...LOL)
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