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Has anyone here ever heard of this aersol spray and have you tried it? My cat was hiding and would not come out to eat. I was devastated. After a trip to the Vet and a good report, the Vet told me to try it. I've tried it but I'm not sure if it is having any effect on Sheba. She seems to better and is not as frightened as before but I'm still worried. I've missed two days from work to stay home and keep and eye on her.
Mrs. S. and Sheba
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If your cat is hiding, push food into her hiding place and place a litter pan nearby but not close. Ignoring her other than seeing to her needs is the quickest way that a cat will come out of hiding. Peering under the bed to see if she is ok will just tend to upset her further and make her distrust you. She is in her safe area, so leave her be until she is comfortable enough to come out and join you. Of course if she is not eating anything you need to get vet intervention, but feed her canned food, make sure she has water and litter pan and then just leave her be
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