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Well, what's worse? Crate them and stress them for a little while, but they are safe, and they will recover from the stress even if it takes a day or two....or your worst case scenario of your idiot coworkers breaking into your house and the cats freak and run out and goodness only knows what could happen???
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So you think that putting them in the kennels wouldn't have any bad health affects on them?? That'd make me feel better... at least I'd know they were ok.. I'm just concerned with their health but I guess that's better then risking loosing them?
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First of all, your co-workers sound like a group of looney tunes! I would crate your cats and stow them somewhere that you know they will be safe. Buy a large bottle of Feliway Spray and saturate the crate, and the bedding with the spray to help keep them calm. If they are in a darkened room, that will also keep them calm and butting the crates up to each other so they can see and smell each other will also work. I would pad the bottom of the crate with disposable diapers and as soon as you can rescue them and bring them back home.
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Yes Hissy, pretty much you hit the nail on the head. they ARE not very smart and that's being nice.
so you think that bringing them to my MILs for that much time and putting them in the kennels would be ok as opposed to worrying about them getting out due to the dumb a$$es I work with?
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Barb, you have enough to worry about on your big day without being very worried about your cats' safety. When you take them to the vet they are kept in cages, probably much smaller than the kennels you have....and that can be for much longer than you will have them there. Sure, they will be a bit stressed - but it would be nothing compared to the stress of having idiots come trouncing through your house making lots of noise and overall being rowdy.

If you take them to your MIL's house, you KNOW they are safe and that no matter what your co-workers do it can be repaired or cleaned. For their safety and your own sanity I would suggest doing that.
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ok, I'll do that, now to let Brad know in a way that he doesn't freak about my co workers trying anything on the house, he is a bit hot tempered I'm afraid when it comes to them, but can you blame him???
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Could you hire a cleaning crew and send the co workers the bill? Or call for an estimate and show that to your co workers and tell them you need to be paid for this if they are going to make the mess. I'm not trying to be mean, but I think they are extremely selfish if they are insisting on "decorating" and causing you so much stress. You should be enjoying yourself and not worrying about such things. I really hope everything goes well for you and that you are able to enjoy the day as much as you should be.
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Well, I told him today and he completely freaked out like I expected him to. so I'm not sure if he'll let me take the cats to me MILs or not... he's pissed that they are even planning to do anything to our house or cars... he says we are not children and there for should not be treated as such and so they shouldnt' do stuipd things like that and when I explained that I tried to talk them out of it, he said if I couldnt' get them to not do it, then he WOULD go down there and TELL them not to and if they still do it, he will freak out! so now what do I do???if I can't take the cats out of the situation how do I handle it without having Brad deal with it like HE wants to???
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Barb if you know your cats are at risk you don't really have a choice. You are their protector and if anything bad happened to them can you imagine how you would feel? I'm not telling you what to do hun, but if it were me there is no way I would leave those kitties by themselves if they are in danger. I think it's hateful that your co-workers are causing you all this stress at a time when they should be joining in with your happiness, perhaps it wouldn't be a bad deal if Brad were to go and speak to them. What do you think would happen if he did?
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if he went and talked to them? OH BOY! would the s**t hit the fan! see my coworkers act like a bunch of children and the sad thing is, they are adults.
I told one of them today that Brad is pissed and that if something happens to the house or cars that he's going to have a f'en fit and she told me that I was marrying an a$$hole! can you believe that?! her husband controls her every move and yet she has the gall to tell me that! so she told me that she isn't coming to the reception. well fine, that's one less thing i have to worry about. Hopefully she won't do anything stupid and try to get even with him because he made her mad. She was the one who wanted to do all the stupid things to the house and the cars. brad is pissed off. I told him that if I come home and find my cats gone, there will be hell to pay! this sucks! I also told him that I'm not going to have any fun at the reception worrying about the cats all night, wondering if they are ok and if someone is trying anything stupid to the house. mess with the outside, that's fine, just dont' screw with the inside where my cats are. The funniest thing is, everyone at my work place knows how much my cats mean to me, I've told them that I'd go into a burning building for them. I've even compared my cats to their kids. so I think it's sad that they'd even think of doing something like that to me... I'd NEVER think of doing something like that to them... I wish I could get a different job.... I hate most of my coworkers, why do they have to be so childish? and at the ages of between 25 and 45??? the kids I work with are more grown up then they sad...
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Barb you must be so unhappy at work. Sending you lots of good vibes to find a new job soon.
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It's a pity you've already invited your co workers now because going on what you've said about them theres no way they would have had an invite from me!.

Is there not at least one person in amongst them who can be classed as being sensible enough to keep them all under control?.

And as for the woman who called Brad an a**hole?!. She's done you a favour by not going to the reception!. I don't know how much of a friend she is but with friends like her who needs enemies?!.

You've got to get the kitts away from the house just in case.

I swear to god if that were me and they let my cats out they'd be wishing they'd never come, but then again if it were me they wouldn't have an invite!.

Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, but you have a bunch of idiots all set to ruin it.
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If i was Brad I would be hoping they tried some of this childish crap so I could inflict either pain of 6 months in jail on them. What a bunch of Tossers.

That said I am sure your wedding will be top, Family, Friends and the man you love, what more could you need.
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What is the date again of your wedding? I have so many things on my mind I forget things so easily. I just want to make sure I am thinking of you on your special day! Glad to see you survived the storms!
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June 5th. and thanks for thinking about me. With TCS behind me, I know nothing can go wrong that day!
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Shoot, I thought I had replied again to this yesterday!

Obviously, you know Brad better than I, but this is how I would handle the take the cats to MIL's or not discussion. I would totally agree with him that these people are idiots and he has every right to be mad as hell about even the possibility of them doing anything. BUT, the cat's safety has to be #1 priority. If they do something stupid, he has every right to call the police and file charges against them (use that as your pawn...), but it isn't worth risking the cat's safety because they are stupid.
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