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kitty humor

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Thought this was very funny.
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Sorry everyone...

I keep screwing up

I tried to upload a cartoon, and it didn't work, so I tried to delete the first message, and that didn't work, so I kept trying and it won't upload properly.... what am I doing wrong?
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Vjoy - it worked fine for me hun!! Good ideas eh? I think the can opener one is the best!! (my cats would go into their "kitty seizures" if this happened!) :laughing:

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I don't get it. I was trying to put the picture embedded here. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? I jsut now saw the posting about not attaching attached pics....OOPS. :

I am really sorry. I guess I am really confused as to how to put in a picture, although I did do it yesterday with that kitty tower....
But I don't know what I did!!!

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I don't know if this will help...but.... I always save the pic into word or some other programme (and call it something I will recognise!)
then, I open a new email and try attaching it to that, if it opens and its the right picture then you know you've got the right file, remeber which one it is(there are sometimes more than one file if you save it from a web page - cos the logos etc are saved as files too.....) then come into the cat site where you want to post it, in your new reply click browse where it says attatch file - find the file and submit!! (don't preview though or you'll lose the picture.)
I hope that helps!! If you like - I can post it for you?

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Hee heee Val that was really funny!!! Thanks for sharing :LOL:
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Val - I was able to click on the link and get a laugh to start the day! Thanks. The vacuum cleaner was my favorite.
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Aww thank you for the offer! And the advice... I thought I tried what you suggested...ooh well.

I am glad the rest of you can see the cartoon!!

I will see what happens next time I try.... Hey lemmie try right now.... here is another....

~~~~~~~~~~~(two minutes later..........)
GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRR this is ridiculous. Now I keep getting a messag that says the file to be downloaded is too big. It is the same size as the last cartoon!! I tried minimizing the picture, but no matter how small I make it, I get the same message..... wWWWAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

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I am gonna try ONE more time.....Can you tell I am not one to give up? :LOL:


Sigh......Can anyone see this? All I am getting is a square white box with a red X in the center.

:LOL: I think the name of this post should be changed to "Teach Val (DUH) how to post pictures at the Cat Site cause she is about to take a hammer to her PC" :LOL:
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Ok, Im on a mission now Vjoy!! hee hee, I just tried doing it too but when I tried to launch the picture from my email it wouldn't open it, Sooooooooo I think the problem is that it is saved in "Draw", if you still have the original, try saving it in word and hopefully it will work!!! (I can save it into word but because its already in draw it won't let me open it..if you see what I mean!! - it won't let me open "draw" inside of Word.....)

Yaaaaaahhhhhhh we will succeed!! (well more likely some knowledgable person will come in and just pop it straight up for ya!! and I will feel oh so dumb.... :laughing: )

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[IMG]C:|My Documents|catcarpet[/IMG]

Okay....I tried it.


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Ok obviously Im talking a load of complete tosh then!!:laughing2 OH well, let me see, I'll have another go...don't hold yer breath though!! (Oh where are all the computer brains when you need 'em?!!)

Here we go:

Well that worked!! not even a box with an X!!! I just got the same message as you about the file being too big...Im getting MAD now!

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Vjoy, I have save the picture into word correctly now, but because it's saved as Cat hiccups.doc instead of Cat hiccups .jpg (or another format) the site can't load it, If you can change it to a jpg etc you should be able to post it....If you want to try this let me know your email address and Ill send it to you...

(Sorry but Im soooo stubborn I have to work this out!! )
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Let me just try this....

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Just don't ask me how the hec I did it!! Ha ha ha...Right, I think this is how I did it, saved it into word, (lots of bodges in between..) copy/pasted into powerpoint, saved as a jpg!!!! and voila there it is!!! Phew I was getting a sweat on for a while there! but hey, the won out!!

Whoooopeeeee (ok ok I'll stop celebrating now... but you just don't know how LONG this took me!! :laughing: )
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That was really funny...you have to have a jpg or a gif in order for the IMG tag to work. bmp's don't work Great job!!:pinky::pinky:
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