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Does anyone take newborns?

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A FeraL cat left 5 newborns on our deck a couple of days ago. My wife has been up at night and has taken time off from work to take care of them. Is there any organizations or anyone that would take them off of our hands? I live near Madison Wisconsin. Any help or info will be appreciated.
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Randy, thank you to you and your wife for taking in and caring for these little ones. If you send me an e-mail at, I can send you a copy of an article another member and I have written about taking care of abandoned kittens. It tells you everything you need to know and will help you through until you find another carer.
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Hey Randy..there is also a woman in California who works exclusively with newborns. Here is her site:

Lots of very good information there.

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There's a woman in Kansas City that does orphans exclusively. Are you willing to drive out here (probably 9-10 hours)?
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Randy, you have mail.
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Thank for all the information. We will take care of them until they can eat on their own and then give them to our local Humane Society. This Society always finds homes for their animals and never puts any of them to sleep.
My daughter is going to keep one of them.
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That's great Randy. Be sure to keep them until 8 weeks as they still need care, even after they can eat on their own. Please keep us updated on their progress - they sound like little sweeties.
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Its been five days now and all five are doing well. I must give all the credit to my wife who has been doing all the feeding. I make the formula and fill the bottles. Once you get into a schedule with the kittens its not so bad. I keep a heating pad under the box that they are in and it made all the difference in the world. Thank you all again for the good info and support.
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Randy that is great news!! Please keep us updated.

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You have no idea the smile on my face right now! Good job!
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Lovely, lovely, lovely!
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Way to go Randy! The rewards are tremendous and you will find it difficult to give them up when they are weaned! Bottle fed babies make the best cats!! (Just ask my Scarlett, Muddy and Koko)
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I didn't know if I should start a new thread here or keep using the one I started on the feral cat forum. Anyway our newborns are 6 days old now and getting stronger everyday. We gave them a bath last night and they seamed to enjoy it. We kept them in a very warm bathroom with the built in heater going until they were all dry. I looking forward to when they open their eyes.
I can see already that I'm not going to like giveing them to the Shelter in Monroe Wisconsin, but they are a no kill shelter. We all ready have homes for two of them. I'll keep you updated on them on this thread.
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Randy, please don't bathe the little ones too often. It is very easy for a newborn to catch cold, and even what we think is warm isn't to a wet newborn. They need to be kept in at least 90 degrees to stay warm and safe.
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I called the shelter in Monroe Wisconsin last night and they were more than willing to take them. They have many volunteers who help them out. Even though we were sad to see them go they will receive better care and will be feed more often then we were able to do. Thank you all for the support and information. I'm sure I will come back here to visit often. Randy and Sue
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Randy and Sue, I got your e-mail and wanted to say that as hard as it is, you have made the right decision for these little ones. You, your wife and daughters were doing your best but, as you said, they are almost a full time job in themselves. Thank you so much for caring for these little ones as you did and thank you for finding them a caring place to be.
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