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Meowman has left a message :)  

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Hi Everyone

I spoke with Chuck and he told me that it was okay that I give you an update on his situation. I apologize that I didn’t do this before, but at that time, Chuck felt it was best not to say anything; until, of course, he heard how much you all have missed him and really wanted to hear how he was doing. That made him feel so much better; even though his life has been in a true turmoil in the past few months.

Chucks health is not so hot. His own disability with muscle degeneration has progressed. Unfortunately, he is using a wheelchair at times. There are some days he can use his cane. (I just found out he is only 35) He is unable to work right now and he had to move to a much cheaper apartment. To add insult to injury, his computer crashed and he said he would not be online for at least another year due to his income. There’s more

His kitty Tiger had gotten sick again with bladder crystals forming within the urethra. Since this happened on a weekend, Chuck had to take him to one of those emergency vets. In order to save him, he would have to come up with over $1,500.00!!! (Wow, I didn’t know that it would cost that much for surgery!)… As you know, he’s been very ill with his disability and this type of money was not available. So, he told me that he had to actually tell the vet to put Tiger to sleep. He told me how mortified he was and he broke down at the vets. I was in tears too He called his friends in dispair, and told them of the situation. A few minutes after hanging up, his friend called the vets office and offered to save Tiger’s life! Thank God! So, Tiger is doing much better, he's on a special diet of course and can't have treats with Socrates.
Oh well, he's gotten into shape though! :LOL: I’m so happy for Chuck. He told me that if it wasn’t for Guy and Helen, Tiger would not be here today. Wow, talk about true angels in his life!

Socrates is very good. Ornery as ever. Thank God for that. His landlady seems to be very nice and his friends do come and visit him now and again. He appeared to be happy when I spoke with him. We had a very upbeat conversation.

There have been a number of people that have asked about him and if you’d like his address or phone number, he asked that you contact me. You can pm me if you want I will definitely send it to you as soon as I see your pm I'm sure he'd love to get a note from anyone who has the time to write. He wishes everyone well and he sends big hugs and purrs to you!

Well, there ya have it. I pray that his situation gets much lighter, I will be sending him a little package. Something I hope will make him smile. He has given so much of himself to others.

Love, Peace &

How far we travel in life matters far less than those we meet along the way....Unknown
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Catarina, thank you for the update. I'm not much of a "poster" more of a "lurker", but I enjoyed Chuck's posts and do miss seeing him around. I wonder if there isn't a techie cat site member who lives near Chuck who might be able to take a look at his PC and get him back online. I live in Indiana, so that's a no go for me, unfortunately. Another thought is maybe one of us has an old working PC that they'd be willing to donate to "the cause". Surely even an old 100mhz with a 33.6 modem would be better than nothing. (Maybe we could check out the auctions and several of us go in together and get one for a dollar or two each.)
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Catarina - I tried to send you a PM about this, but your box is full.
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Thanks for the update Cat....sorry to hear Chuck won't be back for a while, but glad to hear about his kitty!! What good news for him!!
Please send my love and best wishes !!

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Dear Susan :angel2::daisy:

Hi there, I was wondering ...."I don't know a Susan" How sweet of you Susan! Thanks for posting. I think that's a fantastic idea. I would hope that we can get some type of fund going for Chuck. I know there has to be a computer around that no one is using that can be picked up pretty cheap. I wish there was a way to fix his computer, but he said the hard drive is gone..so that's the end of that. Now a way to coordinate it all and we'll be set.

If there's anyone that would like to contribute to help Chuck get back online. Let me know and we'll figure this out together.

Thank you again Susan for your input and it's really nice to meet you! You're an :angel2:

Love, Peace &

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Hi Dawn :angel2::daisy:

I only had about 5 messages in my inbox...so I don't understand why my pm box would be full...perhaps being a moderator, you can look into that for me...
I've cleared all but three out. I hope that's satisfactory for now...

Love, Peace &
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Hi Bodlover!!! :daisy:angel2::flower:

I will be printing out a printable version of this Thread to send Chuck...I think he'd like that. In the meanwhile, I will send him your best!

Love ya,
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you may need to go in and clean out (delete) all your PM's that you don't want anymore. Including the ones you have sent to others. That will clear out your space and allow you to get others now. When you go into your PM area, click on PM's sent, and then proceed to delete all of those. Hope this helps
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Thank you for the update Catarina! Can you please PM me with Chuck's home address?

Can he get access to some sort of free internet service in a local library or something? I know it's available in schools and universities in Israel, so maybe in the US as well? I know it's not like having your own computer but at least he'll be able to pop in and say hi until he has a more reasonable solution.
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Hi Hissy :angel2::daisy:

Thanks, I only cleared out the inbox, but I'll go ahead and delete the rest Thanks for the info!

See Ya

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Hi Anne :angel2:

Go check your inbox on your pm's I'm so happy that you'll be contacting Chuck Yes, we do have libraries that will let you access the Internet, I'll be sure to mention your suggestion to him! I'm sure he'd be more than happy that came from you

To be quite honest, I'm not sure of his transportation these days. So,that's another consideration. He does live in a pretty big town; but I don't know what the city provides there.


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Catarina, nice to "meet" you in in text, too. Okay...here's the deal. I have an old hard drive sitting here doing nothing at my house. Is the hard drive the only problem? Does he have a windows disk to install windows on his computer? I'd be glad to send that old hard drive to him if it would help him (and if he was able to install it without further expense to himself.)

As a side note, installing a new hard drive isn't that difficult, but I'm not sure he'd know how to install windows from a blank hard drive. Does he have a boot disk for his computer?

I'd love to help him out here if it's something that won't cause him more stress trying to figure out how to get it done without paying extra money.
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Hi Susan :angel2::pinky:

I remember Chuck telling me that he sold the salvagable parts of the computer in order to help pay his friends back for helping Tiger. So, he doesn't have the computer anymore.

Your kindness is so wonderful! Maybe someone will have the rest of the stuff? :LOL: never know! I'll check around here too.

Thanks again..

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Catarina, please Pm me with Chucks phone number....I would love to talk to him some time! I am so glad that his friends saved Tigers life!!!!! It is wonderful that he has such great friends, including you!! I hope there is a way he can be back online soon.
I also wish he could meet a friend of mine...she is a very beautiful woman, 35 years old, and has MS, so she sometimes can't walk either. I'm not trying to set them up or anything, because she is married (although not very happily) but they could be friends, and since they share alot of the same problems, maybe they could help each other out.
She too had to stop working. And she likes cats!!

Well, tell Chuck I send my love....and I miss him!
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