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Comfortable house temperature?

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Hello! I'm new to this site. This is great to look up info!

We are going away for more than a week, and our neighbor will come visit our indoor cat. We live in Southern California in an old house which gets warm when it's warm out. Are cats ok in a warm interior? We've come back to 90F inside when forgetting to put on the A/C (before the cat was here). I just can't imagine leaving it at 72F if my cat doesn't care if it's warmer - this house is really not energy efficient! Any help would be great. Thanks!
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First of all..welcome to the site!! I think room temperature would be ideal...72 sounds right. I don't think it is safe to have your cat in the home at a very high temperature.

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I live in South Florida so we go through this same thing. When we go away, we leave our house at around 78-82 and the cats are fine. For the record, in the summer, our house is never 72!!
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Originally Posted by cla517
I live in South Florida so we go through this same thing. When we go away, we leave our house at around 78-82 and the cats are fine. For the record, in the summer, our house is never 72!!
THat's funny, cuz it's the same with us - even when we're home it's close to 80F, for energy saving and comfort. I get chilly...

TNR1: I agree, I wouldn't want to leave her in a very high temperature, but I can't tell you how ridiculously bad the house is and the heat is!!

Even at 80F, the A/C will be coming on quite often. Anyone else have suggestions if my kitty can be ok with anything higher than that? I do realize I'm cheap. But I see my friends' outdoor cats hang around outside in 90F all the time... But I want what's best for my kitty.
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coutz11...what about calling your vet real quick and asking them what they think? I must admit...I live in Virginia..and we have Hot days..but I do keep the air conditioning on. Sorry I can't be more helpful...my rule of thumb..if I can tolerate the heat..my cats can..if I need it to be cooler..so does my cats.

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Welcome to TCS

I live in Georgia and it is hot here in the summer . Last year we went and spent almost 2 weeks up north and leaving all our baby's here . I left the a/c on , on 75/78 the hole time . When we come back it was kind of warm in the house but not hot . I also try to save money . You can keep the blinds down what keeps the house cooler , or courtans (sp)closed if you have them . Also if you have fans on the cealing (sp) , keep them on slow speed too .Make sure you have big water suply for your cat around , to keep it filled up . Also ask your neighbor to stay a while for your cat to play with him/her or just to talk and pet your cat for a while . Or maybe read the news paper to your cat out laud to keep company .Maybe you can keep a clasical radio station on ( quiet)for your cat , to keep her/him more calm . That can help your cat not to stress while you are gone .Make sure you keep the phone # from your vet at your house for the neighbor to find , maybe on the fridge . Also talk to your vet about you are going on vacation , in case the neighbor has to bring in your cat in. Oh yes I did all that and all went well One more thing , make sure you have the phone # of your neighbor with you and call after a day or two to make sure all is well . Have a emergency person to jump in for the neighbor , in case you need to . You never know . Ok I run out of ideas .
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Hi again!! THanx alot for your replies. I will keep it around what we usually keep it at. We've been lucky these days, it hasn't been TOO hot. THe curtains do make a big difference. We unfortunately don't have any ceiling fans (or even lights for that matter!!) My neighbor loves my kitty and will visit often and check all my cat's supplies. Thanks again!! ISn't it pathetic how much we baby our kitties!! But at least we CAN leave them alone for a bit...

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I live in Arizona and it REALLY gets hot here. I keep my A/C on 80 and the house is very comfortable.
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We usually set the thermostat to 85 during the day, and the cats and I do just fine (I'm home with them most days). I wouldn't go too much hotter than that, though.

The cats' heat tolerance may also depend on age & general health (if they're very old or young, or ill, they'll need a more moderate temperature). They also need time to adjust to higher temperatures, just like people do - if they're used to 72, try setting the thermostat a little higher each day to give their bodies time to adjust to the change.

They'll need a regular brushing out while they shed their winter coat, too.

They'll also like it if you leave access to the bathroom - they can go lay in the tub or the sink, to keep cool on the porcelain. You can also save electricity by using fans - just make sure they can't be tipped over, and they're the modern, safe kind. And of course leave plenty of water available, as others have suggested.
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I keep the temperature at 75 during the day and it's comfortable, during the night time I prefer it cooler, about 70-72. If you have fans circulating then I would think it would be ok, but with no fans going I would think 80 would be a little too warm. Sash seems to like it to be on the cool side too, I think. I would also make sure they have fresh cold water daily.

Lisa & Sash
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When I went away for the weekend and left Dori to go camping I left the ac on 78. That's a little higher than I normally keep it. I am in Florida and up on the 3rd floor in an apartment, so it gets hot. At night I turn the ac to 70 and ususally try to turn it up to 75 during the day, but I never remember to change it before I leave for work. I hate te electric bills in the summer!
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