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A Herd of Buffalo in Brooklyn

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Yes, contrary to popular belief, buffalo do roam here in Brooklyn, NY. Or should I make that Buffali (???) since there was only one spotted, 16 pound Franz. He woke me up running past my bed at 5am sounding like a herd of buffalo from the living room and back. Couldn't figure out what he was doing until I realized Maddy was under the bed. He would semi pause and look under the bed each time he passed. Maybe he was asking her to play? Maybe he was showing off? "Look at me he-man Olympic running man." Anyway Maddy was having nothing to do with it...she probably thought..."yeah right, you're just gonna bat me again big man, think I was born yesterday, huh?" Anyway, I think It's a step or gallop in the right direction! Maybe we are entering The Peaceable Kingdom!
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At the moment I am in the Kingdom of Peace. The four of them have collapsed into sleep, but I doubt if it's a deep one. They have been tearing about playing chasey up and down the stairs, across the polished (??) table, over the sofas in the other room, up and down the hallway and then back up and down the stairs. Then they charged up to me in the dining room where I have the computer, Buttons leaped on my lap and stuck her nose in my throat, Felix tugged at her tail to get her off, Tara jumped on the keyboard and little miss goodie, Pebbles sat there looking at them and then started them off running about again. But now all is quiet.
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Cilla, You should make a home video!
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You guys are so funny!
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Glad to hear Franz and Maddy are coming along so well, Barbara! I believe I've had that same herd of Buffalo charging around my house at all odd hours of the night! Happy your herd settled down for a while, Cilla!
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