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What is the weirdest thing your cat plays with?

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I went home at lunchtime and Dori was walking around with one of my magnets in her mouth. What is the weirdest thing you have ever caught your cats playing with?
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OHH!! My cats LOVES to steal magnets from my ref! Some also loves to drag my blanket or towels around by their teeth..
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my bra
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walnuts off the walnut tree
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My boys will play hockey with their kibble. At first I thought I was being a bad mommy since they didn't have any of their balls out. So I went searching and pulled them all out from under the couch and refridgerator. But even with the balls in the middle of the room, kibble went skittering around.

Pipsqueek also loves a plastic egg. He bats it around, but it doesn't go straight.
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Saladina and Moab have been lately playing around with potatoes.... they broke the potato sack that is in the kitchen and they are rolling around the house.

Planeta.... with my dirty underwear.
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Ophelia likes playing with black silk rose buds. I used to have a few silk floral arrangements....she took off all of the black rose buds (none of the other flowers, just those). She LOVES them! Oh, but she doesn't like any other colors....not burgandy, not blue, not red....just black.
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I have to leave the door to the bathroom closed at all tiems now..because Angus will drag embarassing unmentionables from the garbage and play with them.
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Gotta be the dogs. It is hysterical watching them play together - big pawed dogs trying to bat like a cat, and cats trying to jump and tackle them (all 45 pounds of puppy).
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Originally Posted by Hell603
my bra
Same here

They also like the kids' micro machines (tiny toy cars that roll really fast), the toilet paper roll and an empty soda can will keep them busy for days.
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Snowball likes to play with paper bags that are way too small. He pushes the bag around in front of him and acts like he's trying to get inside, but the bags are so small the only thing that actually fits is his head.
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Another thing my cats LOVE to do (especially Pepper and Spike) would be to steal my loofah from the bathroom and hide it from me...
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Vegemite loves to jump up and try to swat the little thingies that stop the door handle from banging on the wall (what are those things called? lol).

Also, a couple of years ago, Honey Boy took a small female personal item, pawed at it until it came out of it's wrapper and then walked around with it hanging by it's string from his teeth! I was so surprised, I chased him and he went under the bed with it and wouldn't come out. I had to leave him be, hoping he'd just leave it there. A few hours later, I looked under the bed - no thingie. I'm thinking, oh geez, my housemate has some of her family coming over! I have to find it! I just about had a hernia looking for it. In the end, I had to tell everyone who came into the house that I had a cat that stole things, so if they came across said thingie, I wasn't a dirty person, it was the cat!

I never found it.
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hmmmm...must have mistaken it for a mouse!
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That's funny, Tania! I was reading through the posts trying to figure out how to word that appropriately! One of Sierra's favorite toys is also that female personal item! I have to keep the box put away where she can't get to it or she'll drag them all over the house!
One of her other odd favorites is a seashell that I brought in one time from the beach. It's one of those that curved so it looks like something used to live in it. She found it one day and it's been hers every since. She also loves to bat around whole walnuts in the shell-not almonds, not pecans-just walnuts.
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Kahu flicks his poo from the litterbox and plays soccer with it
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Kellye, I think that's even more eeeewwww that what HB used to do! (Though it's seems to be a popular past-time for many cats.)
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Rosie: Normally bites off the flower heads and steals the bath sponge.

Sophie:Anything!, but she quite likes jumping into my handbag
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my kitten loves to play with the fish food tub, its his favorite toy
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When we're getting ready for the shower, we must be careful where we leave our underwear. One of my males likes my wife's underwear and will tote it all over the house
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Both of mine just love rolled up socks. They attack them, kick them around the house. Once, when Simon was a kitten my then roommate had a house guest. Well, this poor guy had to leave without his socks because we couldn't find them anywhere. You guessed it, about an hour later, here comes Simon, all proud of himself, with the socks in his mouth!

They also like to take the large chunks of pot pourri out of the bowl and bat those around. (Don't worry, they never try to eat it!)
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Vishnu has a thing for cups, especially with some kind of lip on it- she brings
me those little medicine cups that come on the top of cough medicine bottles.
And bathroom dixie cups. She'll retreive them for as long as we have the
energy to throw them. She also brings mints or candies wrapped in cellophane. The crinkle sound delights her, and the plastic gives her a good
tooth hold. She raided my younger son's halloween candy for those items-
it was carefully hidden under his bed from his older brother! In the middle of the night, she comes upstairs making the 'kill cry', dragging one of her finds
to deposit in my bed!
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Beau likes to knock pens and pencils onto the floor. He then rolls it around the room, and usually loses it under some furniture.
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Mela likes to play with the little plastic rings that come off of milk bottles. There must be tons of them under our fridge and stove! She also enjoys pushing things off of tables and watching them fall, chasing laser pointer dots, and socks!
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Now I feel better! Hmm, q-tips, underwear, socks, fluffy blush brushes, powderpuffs, etc,
oh, and Victor, we have some that rustle the potatoes out of the bag and play with them too!
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Samwise loves to play with Q-tips and actually Poo hockey is popular at my house too.

Gandalf loves to play with the mini-blinds. Drives me crazy, he drags his paws down them. Clack, clack, clack at three o'clock in the morning isn't funny.

My parent's cat used to play with my Dad's cigarette packages once they were wadded up. She's just go crazy for them.
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The Sammycat's favorite plaything would have to be a little orange bear. He has played with it since he was a baby. He want let anyone else have his bear either. Now the weirdest thing would be my nail polish bottles. He likes to steal them and knock them all around the room

Oscar's duty is to kill the toliet paper or paper towels. He gives them a slow and painful death all over the house The silly boy also likes to steal socks right out of the basket fresh from the dryer, I guess he likes the warmth.

Our lives would be so dull without them
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Apart from Christmas tree ornaments, Jamie loves to play with guitar picks. My husband has a whole collection in various shapes and sizes, and Jamie helps himself. I find them everywhere - shoved under the rug or stereo, in our bed, etc..
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Originally Posted by Hell603
my bra
Haha, when I wear thongs with my dress pants, one of my cats will pick it up off the bed by one of the "strings" and walk off with it.
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Hmmm What DOESN'T Summer like to play with?....That would be a better question. She's very particular to my scrunchies and our my artificial flower arrangement. Last night I was woken up by her playing with the shoulder strap on my nightie! She also likes the rings off milk jugs.

P.S. I couldn't imagine her getting into my unmentionables!
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