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Going outside the box accidentally

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Over the last two weeks, one of my cats has pooped outside of the box twice. Not exactly outside of the box, more like on the very edge of the box, and some of it has dropped to the floor.

I don't think he (or she) is doing this for any reason other than his/her rear end is hanging over a bit more than it should. Has anyone else had this happen?

I have standard size litter boxes (it actually says 'large' on the label). At Petsmart I've seen that they have the same size box with higher sides. I'm thinking of getting these. My kittens are 10 months old--I'm wondering if it's getting harder to move around in the box because they're growing. Has anyone else experienced this?

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The box could be to small or not scooped out enough, or the litter hasn't been changed enough. I would get a second box bigger than before and scoop it out several times a day.
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Hmm. Actually, we do have two boxes, and scoop them twice daily or more often if something smells bad (we're conscious of this because both boxes are in bathrooms and we want it to be a nice environment for all who use it, both human and feline). I feel that we keep them quite clean. The box in our main bathroom, where this has happened both times, has one of those snap-on rims on it that I think is theoretically supposed to keep litter from tracking when they jump out. I'm wondering if this cuts into their room to move around. I think I may take this off, since it doesn't do much for keeping litter inside. Otherwise, they do use their boxes and we haven't had any problems.
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Jili..I think your idea sounds good...with bathroom issues...being a detective is the best thing you can do. Try it without the lid and see if that helps.

Let us know what happens.

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We had two framed boxes as well, and sometimes Kitty would have the same problem, but he is a rather large cat. We got him an underbed storage container that's huge, and there have been no further problems ^^
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