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Monday Daily Thread

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Ahhh, monday, everyone's most favourite day!

Mowing needs to be done, then off to the farm this arvo to do some things - weedeating, isn't that always fun!

Started actually working on the cat litter pan cover, it is coming along nicely, the cats wanted to help me paint It should not be too long before it is finished

Have a good day!

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Back to work today after being out most of Thursday and all of Friday with my kidney stone.

I am probably going to take lunch soon and run to the mall. Then when I get off work I have to go home and get caught up on my algebra

I can't wait for another Saturday!
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Yay someone started the thread before my day is over!.

Finish work in 7 minutes, off to the gym, then to see how sophies tummy is.

Its a lovely day here in the UK, so once i get home after a workout i'll be sitting in my back garden with a glass of wine
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Think I'll take a trip to sunny Wales and join you Rosiemac, I'll bring a bottle with me.
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Today I am running to the post office, then to the salvation army then finishing cleaning then shopping with my friend. that's about my day in a nutshell.
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Susan- I am gonna come visit just so my day can be over
Ok, and visit with you and the babies before I leave
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After I pick up my oldest urchin from school I am meeting my BF's mom at her house to dig up all her flowers before they move this weekend. Then I am coming home to edge the sidewalk, mow grass, dig out a new space for all these flowers (probably 70-80 feet) along side my house and hopefully get them all planted before it rains the rest of the week.
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Yep...Monday's...slowest day ever for me today....I finished all my work about 3 and since then I have been catching up on here. I am finally done with school!! I am real exhausted from this semester, but it is finally over!

Zack and I might go shopping for my little sister's birthday gift tonight, she'll be 8 on Friday! Yes, I have a 8 year old sis! (I am 22) I also have a 16 year old sis! They should be visiting us in a couple of weeks, I haven't seen them since February. Zack hasn't seen them since Christmas! Well, hope everyone has a great rest of the day!
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I've been needing to clean my apartment for awhile, but finals make it hard. Bleh...NExt week I suppose.
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Well, strike my other post about flower digging..Started raining early and hasnt stopped. Poo-poo the weather!
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Originally Posted by Kiwideus
Started actually working on the cat litter pan cover, it is coming along nicely, the cats wanted to help me paint
LOL! I painted the spare bedroom a few weeks back and Muddy tried to help. He ended up with a purple tail twice (first coat and second coat)!

Had a windfall of cat supplies donated to me over the weekend - 3 tall condos, 2 climb poles, 1 scratch post and 4 wooden litter box covers (they look like carpeted benches) that are scattered around the house. Also wall shelves with cat sofas and cat tents, toys, bedding, food storage bins, litter boxes, ceramic bowls, carriers, and on and on. I gave away 9 tall condos and 6 scratch post/perches already to people who do in-home fostering for no-kill shelters, and after I weed thru the above supplies, will donate most of it also. Oh yeah, and did I mention the outdoor cat habit-trail? We filled a 14 foot U-Haul trailer from floor to ceiling with the donation and couldn't close the door until we flipped some of the condos upside down.

Long story, but with the above came Emily, a sweet petite Main-coonish looking girl about 2 years old with a rough life behind her. I'll post pics once she comes out of hiding from under the bed - she stayed there for 6 months at her last home and I almost had her out after 7 days. I can tell she is love waiting to happen!

Have a nice day everyone!
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This was truly a Monday-my car died over the weekend, and I got it towed and repaired today. The ignition switch died, my battery died and my radio is now theft-proof locked (until I can go to the dealer and pay to have the lock removed). But hey, I got a day off of work Always a good thing.
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Well I went to bed at 3:40 am and then woke up at 5:20 am because JB now likes to stay outside since it's warm and I was worried. Tried to go back to sleep after he came in, he decided to pounce on my feet and bite them under the blanket, so I jumped out of bed and chased him all over the house to spank him but didn't catch him, he is taking advantage of my heavy belly LOL! So that woke my son up and I was completely P.Oed at my son for staying awake till 8:00AM, finally we went to sleep and woke up at 10:30AM GRRRRR!

Other than that, everything's dandy for a hot muggy mosquito infested Monday
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Well yesterday was so boring, school, then work and then I had to organise the ribbons for our cat show in July. Stayed at Nana & Grandads the night.

Today, another boring day, school, just had a shower and have been laying on my bed in the lovely Autumn sun!

Hope everyones enjoying their day.
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