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Biting feet

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At least once a month, Peedoodle will want to play and starts biting our feet when we are asleep, we tell him NO! and he runs off, and so we go back to sleep - he comes back and bites our feet again. This morning, I caught him sneaking under the blanket just to get at my feet - he goes through phases of this every month, I don't know why, but it is so frustrating - we play with the cats before we go to bed, but it doesn't work on Peedoodle. How can he learn that nighttime (especially 4-5am) is not playtime! We try and not move our feet at night but we all move while asleep and that is not something we can control. Kahu is well behaved and sleeps through the night with us, but Peedoodle is a pain in the bum.

Any advice would be so much appreciated. I hate feeling so tired for a week every month.
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Do you know what it is. I miss Rosie chasing after my feet once i take my slippers off .

She's to pre occupied with what Sophie's doing to even bother with them now
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Chances are when Peedoodle was a kitten someone started blanket wars with him, and he found this an acceptable form of play and a good outlet of energy. Since cats are prey animals, any type of blanket war- sticking your hand under the covers, and wiggling your fingers, or doing the same with your foot, should be avoided when they are tiny and interactive play with a toy on a stick, or on a fishing pole should be done instead.

One of the best toys we have had for years and years, is an old fishing pole, with a piece of fluff on the end of it- a lightweight toy with feathers. We take this out and reel it back and forth across the house and outside, and the cats all love it. It was Mike's idea over 10 years ago, and we both laugh now when we see people selling cheap imitations as cat toys. A real honest to goodness fishing pole can withstand the hardest feral cat assault team.

I would start doing hard interactive play with Peedoodle right before bedtime, really tire him out. Even just taking a short piece of cord and tying a clip to one end and toy to the other, and clipping in on the back of your belt and just walking fast all over the house will work.

Also make him a ball bin out of a big cardboard box and some ping pong balls. Cats love this, they can leap into the box and play for hours and you don't have to chase the ping pong balls around the house. Catnip play is good too if the cat doesn't get aggressive on nip- catnip can mellow out a cat and make them sleep really well.
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I did and still do blanket wars

I'm going to try the ball bin myself, i like the idea
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Do you wear socks to bed? Jamie's foster family warned us that he had a "thing" about bare feet, and it has remained true to this day. We can't walk around in our bare feet, and he'll go under the covers at night and affectionately nip our toes when we don't wear socks.
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