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Volunteers Wanted! New Positions in TCS!

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Boy, has this place grown in 3-4 years! And I don't just mean the server overload
To keep up with the needs of our ever-growing community, we have worked out a new structure for the site team, which means incorporating more members in different roles and functions on the boards. The various positions will now come with badges, ribbons and other insignia (just like the badge I have next to my own username).

Here is the list detailing the different functions/roles on the site. New positions are in bold and underlined.
  1. Site owner (that's me )
  2. Forums Co-Admin - in charge of various procedures that have to do with the technical aspects of running the boards. Can be accessed with questions and requests with all things technical. Our forum Co-admin is Deb25.
  3. Moderator - moderators are our first line of defense in the on-going battle against trolls, spammers, and pyromaniacs (the ones that start flame wars ) Forum moderators are chosen by the site owner. Moderators have access to the mod lounge where moderating issues can be discussed in private. Feel free to PM me and suggest yourself, but please be aware that we are not looking for new mods at the moment.
  4. IMO moderators - moderators on a temporary basis who get to moderate the IMO forum and get a taste of moderating. They face the tough call of deciding when members are breaking the rules and what sanctions should be used. They have a seperate moderators lounge and work under the guidance of two of the regular moderators. Members can volunteer to be IMO mods and need to post about it in the volunteers thread at IMO. There are 3 IMO positions.
  5. Advisor - Advisors are people who we have found to be experienced in different aspects of cat care and who we feel their posts will benefit people looking for competent cat advice. We are always on the lookout for more people of this caliber, but obviously it's very difficult to qualify as one unless we have known you and followed your advice for a long time. The best way to become an Advisor, is by helping as many people as possible in the cat-related forums and providing useful quality advice that is in line with this site's position on various cat care issues.
  6. Community Leader - CL's are members who are in charge of keeping things alive, interesting and fun on the boards. They're well-established members who are familiar with our community and are recommended by other members. CL's are helpful in keeping the forums alive with interesting threads of substance, and who will try and quench flame wars before mod intervention. Part of the qualifications are to be extra nice to everyone and generally disperse positive energies around. Community leaders rotate every 4 months. CL's are recommended by others and cannot volunteer. There are 4 Community Leaders positions.
  7. Mentor - Mentors are members who volunteer to welcome newcomers and show them the ropes around the place. Mentors are matched up with newbies who post in the "New Cats on The Block" forum and contact them via PM. They explain how the place works, see that their protege's posts are being addressed, bring them into the conversation and help them with finding things around. A special thread will be stickied in the NCOTB forum, where long time members can volunteer to become mentors and newbies can ask for mentors. Mentors rotate every 4 months.
  8. Veteran - Occasionally, and on an individual basis, some members may receive a veteran badge. This status will be awarded to some of our founding members and ex-mods.
Everyone wearing an insignia - i.e. an official TCS role - will be able to participate in a special private team lounge, where matters concerning the community can be brought up and discussed.

In order to volunteer or be recommended for a position, a member must -
  • Have at least Alpha Cat status (Advisors may be exempt, based on external references).
  • Be over 18 years of age (mentors may be under 18).
  • Advocate good cat care and promote cat welfare issues. More specifically - actively be pro spay & neuter and anti-declaw.
  • Not have received any official warnings from the forums moderators, admin or owner, for at least three months.
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If you wish to volunteer to be a mentor or an IMO mod, or wish to recommend a Community Leader - please PM either Deb (Deb25) or Heidi (valanhb)

Any other ideas or feedback on this subject? please post it here!
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Sounds fun!
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I would love to be an Advisor for cat nutrition. I have been studying cat nutrition for a little over 3 year's now and I have learned alot. I have made many thread's/post's about cat food and what are good/bad ingredient's, the best food to buy according to your budjet and best food to buy according to your cats weight/age/health. If you need to see an example of my "work", let me know!
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Please don't post your nominations (of self or others) here. Please make them via PM only. Thanks!
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Thank you everyone for the nominations and volunteering!

We will soon announce the new members who will fill in the new roles. Please remember that we have limited positions, so only some of those suggested/volunteered will be assigned in this round. Others will replace them when the time comes.
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Sorry about that Anne!
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