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Kind of a DUH Question here

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I am growing my boys some Kitty Grass on the window sill. Do I cut this stuff or just take it out of the window and put it where they can munch on it in the pot? Yeah, yeah...I know...... Duh! Don't dog me too bad
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I had the same problem when i decided to grow some for Rosie.

I bought a good deep seed tray and sprinkled the grass etc.. when it grew about 2" i cut it with the scissors then gave the tray to Rosie.

She wouldn't touch it!! , so i gave up as a bad job.

Rhian(Jeeperscat)grew it and Jeepers loved it!.
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I used to grow it and leave it in the pot for them to munch on. they loved it, but it turned out the Luna is allergic to grass and it makes her tummy upset so we don't grow it anymore, only catnip...
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We always have at least one pot of cat grass sitting on the coffee table - JC munches on it all the time.
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I should have added that we use deep pots, potting soil and packets of seeds, and keep several pots going by rotating them. That's cheaper than the "kits" you can buy, where the grass seems to die quickly or become infested with little flies in the summer.
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I used the SmartyKat kit, and it worked fine. But it is pretty expensive and rather small (after getting the pot we found out the cats like to lay on the grass as well as eat it hehe), so now we have long plastic pots that fit on the windowsill, bags of peat moss and vermiculite and perlite (the safe sort used for human vegetable gardens), and cat grass or catnip.

The catnip grows a lot more slowly than the cat grass, though -_-

With most cat grass (like wheat grass), wait until it's about 4" then give the whole thing to the cat.
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