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My new Cat

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Hi, I am new here, and this is my first cat. My friend gave me this two months old cat, he is turkish van cat. I just got him last saturday night, he always hide and try to get away from me. Then lastnight, I put him on my bed, and start palying and sleeping on the bed, and he really likes it there. When I got him and put him on my lap, he peed on me! I forgive him for doing that! Then this morning, I got him again and start playing on my bed, he was really happy, after a while, he pooh on my bed! I was so upset! But I did not yell on him, I know he is not well trained, when my friend gave it to me it was so dirty and a lot of fleas, I gave him a bath and he smell good and clean now.

I have a litter box for him, I don't know why he likes to do s hit on my bed. I really love this cat, he is so cute and loves to play with me. When I let him go, he is going to hide and when I try to get him he is going to run away from me, but once he is with me, he enjoyed it.

Please help me what to do about his attitude, I am so frustrated, I don't like him to do any bad things on my bed. Thanks.
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As far as him hiding and running from you, I think that he just needs time to settle in to his new home. But have you taken him to the vet yet? I read your other post about him not drinking water so it might be best to get him in to see a vet to look him over and make sure he is up to date on shots and is in good health. (I don't know how old he is) If the vet gives him a good bill of health then you might just need to leave him alone for a while until he gets used to you. Let him hide wherever he wants to and just give him his space. Forcing him to play with you probably isn't the best way to go about it, even though I know your intentions are good. I know it will be hard to ignore him for a little while, but he will come around

Welcome to the site and we can't wait to see some pictures
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yes i agree with squirtle, he just needs to get used to you, but i would take him to the vet just to make sure everything is ok
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He is two months old. The vet here are cheap so I will take him to the vet this week. He is a little better now, once I got him he is just sleeping on my lap and playing with me.

I just changed my bed sheets yesterday and I changed it today again cause it stinks really bad cause he peed on my bed. Maybe I am not going to bring him on my bed just for a while til he learned where is the right place to pee

I am going to post pictures of my cat when I get a battery for my digital camera, it's hard to find things here in this country (Costa Rica) I have to go all over the country to find it

My cat does not have a name yet, I want cute names or funny name for him. My boyfriend is still thinking of his name.

Thanks for the reply guys! I like this site, it's cool!
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Try hard not to rush him. He sounds so cute. The last two cats I got (sisters) both hid straight away. One behind the books on the bookshelf and one under a magazine rack, I had to rescue her because she was stuck, and she ran beind the computer desk, luckily not the side the plugs are. I just didn't bother at all. Eventually, I was typing away on the keyboard and I felt the most gentle tap on my leg. I looked down and there was Pebbles from the bookshelf. But I didn't pick her up, I spoke gently to her first and then just tickled her cheek. Half an hour later the other one came out and rubbed my leg. But I didn't pick them up until about a week later after they had first jumped on my lap. Don't get discouraged it will be OK after a while. Just let him go at his own rate.
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Yeah, he is really cute, he has a long hair. His eyes have two diferent colors, on the left side is green and on the right side is blue. I gave him a bath yesterday and he did not even scratch me or cry, he likes it (but he does not drink water though). I trimmed his nails while he was sleeping, he reallly likes it.
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