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Bad news . Well, apparently since the shed is new it was basicly a flat room with nothing in it. In face, they installed the roof today.

The thing is, I'm sure he would of meowed really loudly if he was stuck ANYWHERE around where I lived and I would would of heard him. In their backyard with the new shed, had a lot of junk on where the cat might be, however if the cat was truly under all that debre, I am sure he would of meowed really loud.

I'm really worried very badly now. It is going to be one week (7days) since he disappeared. And don't know how much longer he can survive without food or water.

I don't understand why he would of just disappeared without a trace . He has never gone anywhere outside our property ever, except maybe the next door neightbors through the backyard fence. On top of that he is nuetered. WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME ROCKY???

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I'm so sad I really hoped you would find your baby in that shed.
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I'm very sorry, you must be so disappointed. I had so hoped Rocky would be in that shed today. Please keep us posted.
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Cobra..I don't share this often as it hurts just too much..but when I was younger..I had a cat...Buttons. He was my pride and joy and I loved him sooooo much..when I was 15 we moved from Washington State to New Jersey. Buttons had always been an indoor/outdoor cat, so I saw no issue in letting him out when we got to New Jersey..problem was..he never came home. We searched and searched for weeks and couldn't find him. I still don't understand where he went....was he confused and trying to get back to Washington State? Did he decide to search out his turf and get lost? I will never know...so I understand your sadness and frustration. I do hope in your case that Rocky comes home and I am sending out "come home Rocky" prayers.

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He still hasn't returned, but I haven't given up all hope yet. I have put missing fliers all over my village area. I hope someone will find him. Please keep Rocky in your prayers. Thanks.
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Cobra, I was thinking about you and Rocky. I am still praying that your sweet boy will make it home. I am glad that you haven't given up. Have you gone around and knocked on peoples doors asking them if they have seen your boy? Ask the neighborhood kids to look everywhere, tell them you'll pay whoever find him? I am sure you have done everything, I am just searching for more ideas at this point. I am so sorry Cobra. I can only imagine how hard this is. Please know that we are all here for you
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Cobra, you and Rocky remain in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sorry you're having to go through this. I pray he will return home to you.
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