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Anyone built a backyard enclosure?

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Has anyone ever built an enclosure that encloses the entire backyard? I've been looking for ideas and found a couple of products like Friendly Fence, but I was wondering if any realllllly work??
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My husband has build a cat enclosure for our baby's , but not the entire back yard . If you like to look at my enclosure here is a link for you to see what my husband did and what it looks like :

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I'm on 10 acres so wouldn't even consider it! LOL It sounds like you are doing something similar to a walk-in aviary. Have you pursued that path?

I started building a cat habit-trail this afternoon. We're putting some rehomed ferals in a portion of it to start, then when they are released, will rebuild it out the house windows for my inside babies. It has 4 cages connected by a series of "runs". The one I built for the ferals has a 4 X 8 foot cage inside the garage, a 12 foot run to a smaller cage in the grass.
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Yeah, I wouldn't consider it on ten acres either MOM!! I'm looking for a house and one of the main requirements is going to be a HUGE backyard w/a wood fence so I can make a nice enclosure. I don't want a complete aviary that encloses the top, but a mechanism that would keep cats in and keep stray cats out!! I want them to be able to roam a reasonable amount of property and not feel 'closed in'. Anybody here built anything on top of a fence and had it work?

Thanks for the links. Some of those enclosures look really nice. Most that I've seen look pretty tacky, but with a little design, they acctually look decent.
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