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Maddy is a Canadian!

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I've noticed the last few days that Maddy comes a running when ever I break open a new tray of ice. That's pretty often since I am a diet coke/pepsi addict. If a shard of ice falls to the floor she's after it 1, 2, 3. Pretty good for a cat almost completely blind. So I tried her out on a whole cube...the crowd went wild. Well, Franz didn't give a damn, but I was excited. She batted that cube all the way to the end of the carpet, to the wood floor..."SHE SCORES!." Guess there aren't too many blind ice hockey players huh? To you Canadians on TCS, I promise I will sing "O Canada" every night before bed, and before each game!
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Can you get pictures?

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What a hoot!

Actually, I love to watch the "stick handling" of kitties...though I've never seen it applied to an ice cube...coffee beans, plastic bags knotted up tight...

Yes, pics, please, if you can grab the camera in time!
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Awww Barbara it sounds like Maddy is settling in really well
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Maddy has settled in so quickly. Great job there Barbara. She sounds a hoot. You are going to get plenty of fun.
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