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For AJ

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AJ was the neighborhood stray cat. His family had abandoned him when they ran out on the rent. At first, he was just a grey shadow living in the edges of the neighborhood. But over time, people started noticing and caring for him. My Dad and the Tyre’s (another neighborhood family) started taking care of him and loving him.

AJ would visit on occasion, getting food and water. He never stayed long but obviously appreciated what was given to him. Eventually, he was badly injured by another animal, and the Tyre’s took him to the vet to be healed (and neutered, as it turned out). Over time, AJ became less of the rough and tumble tomcat and became more of a loving lapcat. Yet he still refused being an indoors cat-the outside life had too much of a hold on him. However, if the weather got really bad, he knew he always had two safe places to go to.

Dad always kept his favorite foods around, including shaved ham from the deli. AJ would show up for breakfast and dinner, but would stay for lovings and pets. When I came home to visit Dad, I always spent time snuggling with AJ who liked it just as much as I did. I liked to call him the Mike Tyson cat-a big bruiser with a tiny and squeaky voice.

But AJ got old, and got sick. The Tyre’s took him in a week ago, and he seemed to perk up. But Thursday, when they went to feed him, they couldn’t wake him up. That day, they took him to the vet’s and helped him over the Bridge.

So, I say goodnight and goodbye to sweet AJ. I hope you find all the snuggles and shaved ham you want over the Bridge. I’ll miss your purrs and your squeaks when I come home. You are missed by me and Dad. I hope to see you again one day.

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I am sorry AJ is gone .

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What a nice story.

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RIP AJ......

May you be free, happy and well at the Bridge, waiting for all those who loved you.

What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.
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AJ has a lot of people to watch over from the Bridge. Your Dad and the Tyres are very special people to have loved AJ like they did, on his terms. He was a very special cat to have been loved by so many.

Rest in Peace AJ.
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RIP sweet AJ My heart goes out to you, your Dad and the Tyres. What wonderful people you are to have taken such good care of him
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AJ was very lucky that there were people like your dad and his neighbors to look after him. May he rest in peace.
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AJ was one lucky cat! To be loved and cared for on his own terms was very special. Your Dad and Tyres are also special people to have acted out of selfless love for AJ and gave him time and love when he needed it and helped him at the end.
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Christie . . . that is very sad; poor AJ - at least he knew love at the end of his life.

So similar to my darling old Ferdy (stray + injury + neutering + tom cat - - > lapcat) who fought so hard to win our hearts and now lives out his time as part of our furry family.

Your Father and his neighbours are good people to have cared for AJ so much.
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Thank you all for your kind words. I means a lot to me that good thoughts and love are being sent with AJ. He gave love and now he's getting it, as he always deserved.
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rest in peace aj
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Thank you for sharing this touching story, Christy. Sweet AJ is over the Bridge now, healthy and happy, watching over those who once watched over him.
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I am just seeing this. Awww AJ sounds like he was a wonderful cat and bless your dad and the Tyres for showing him love when he needed it and before his time was up.
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