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Furball had a stroke!!!!!  

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Oh my God! Furball had a stroke today. (He has Polcystic Kidney Disease and Chronic Renal Failure.) He started walking awkwardly, falling over and unable to move properly, and we took him to an emergency vet. She said he had a stroke, probably caused by his high blood pressure, and that he should recover fully within 24-72 hours. But when we brought him home, a couple of hours later, he seems to be much worse. He's unable to move at all, just a little kick of his leg is all, and he can't stand on his own, he can hardly stand with our help. Also, his eyes were going up and down and up and down and... We called the emergency vet back, and she said that it might be nystagnuf (this is not spelled correctly), which basically means that he might have something wrong with his brain. She said he needed a CAT scan and an MRI to find out, and she gave us the emergency number for the university vet school that is one hour away from us. We called them up, and they said it would be a day, probably two, before they could get him in for the CAT and MRI. We don't know what to do. Please, anyone, if you know anything that could help us, PLEASE! I'm at a loss as to what to do, and I am scared to death. I keep praying that he will recover fully in just a day or two...but I am scared to death it may be more serious. PLEASE HELP!
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Take Furball back to the emergency vet ASAP and insist that they keep him there under observation. Hopefully, Hissy will see your thread soon!
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It is very serious and he needs to be seen immediately. With all of his internal problems his body just probably went on overload.

Is there anyway you can get him to a vet clinic so they can monitor him and put him on anti-seizure medication? With the rapid and involuntary eye movement it does sound like his brain is short-circuiting right now. Try and keep him in a dark room, in a quiet place, don't use lights to check on him, use a flashlight and avoid shining the light directly into his face when you do check on him. If his nervous system is also not functioning he won't be able to regulate his body temp. Liver failure can commonly cause this type of disorder. I am so sorry for you and furball, but I urge you to get him clinical help today.
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My thoughts go out to you, and furball.

Please get him to a vet ASAP, and keep us all posted, we're all here to help as best we can.

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My prayers and thoughts are with Furball and your family Do please keep us updated.
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Oh noooo to you .

I had a Persian and he had 2 strokes , he has passed away now . I remember by the first stroke his eyes were moving too like crazy . But after a day or two he was ok . Now he did not have high blood pressure , so I don't know about that . But your cat can recover from a stroke , so don't give up please . I hope your baby will be ok .

I sure will say a prayer for Furball
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I am so sorry you lost Furball. He is now at the Rainbow Bridge and he was given a big welcome by my Midnight and all the other TCS kitties who are there. They will all play happily together until the day comes when Furball is reunited with you.
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Furball now has a tribute thread in Crossing the Bridge. If you can, join Amy and let her know you feel for the loss of this courageous cat:


I am closing this thread now-
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