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WHO has trained WHOM?

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In reference to Rowdy, Bill often states that he is going to train her out of some her more outrageous behaviors. I have questioned him, as to HOW he plans to train a feline, who JUST as stubborn and ornery as he is. I merely get a chuckle, in reply.

Last night, as usual, Bill kicked off his boots in the family room. Rowdy immediately threw herself at his feet, rubbing and nuzzling Bill's socks. She then proceeded to grasp the toes of the socks, in her teeth, to try to pull them off of Bill's feet. Having no success, she rolled onto her back and favored Bill with her most adoring look. He promptly took off his socks and gave them to her. Rowdy grabbed them, rolled herself up in them and appeared to be in ecstasy as she rolled about the floor, with them.

This is an every night occurence. Rowdy never shows any interest in MY socks. She is most definitely a Daddy's girl. It would appear that, as far as training someone goes, Miss Rowdy is WAY ahead of Bill. I'm still waiting to find out just exactly HOW he plans to train her. ROWDY'S method has certainly worked on Bill.
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That's great!

They can be trained...but they'd better be well compensated for it. Cats drive a hard bargain.

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LOL Cindy. In this case, I think you can be thankful that Rowdy favours Bill. She is most likely attracted by the, er, strong scent of his socks.

As for his training regime, Rowdy doesn't need to do a thing except give him that little look you were talking about. Yep, he definitely has her well trained - not.
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Actually, I can't detect any smell, from Bill's socks. I figure that the combination of laundry detergent, dryer sheets, leather and Bill's own scent have combined into a scent that attracts Rowdy. Of course, she can smell things, that I can't. Who knows, what's going to turn a cat on?
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