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Cat Carriers

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I have one of those little plastic carriers for my cats. I'm going to get another one when I have the money in case we have to take both cats somewhere. I know people recommend bigger carriers. Is my carrier to small. Ripper is a big boy, and he can turn around in it, but not much else. We will be moving out of state in a few years. If we fly, I like the smaller case because I can put it under the sat instead of in the cargo area of the plane. Where would I put water and food for them in a carrier this small?
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I am not sure how much smaller your carrier is than mine, but I think mine is mid sized. I couldn't fit 2 cats in there, but Dori has plenty of room. My carrier came with 2 bowls that you clip onto the inside of the door that can hold food and water. I know you can buy the clip on bowls at Petsmart seperately, and I am sure other pet stores carry them as well. They are very inexpensive.
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Ideally it should be large enough for the cat to stand up, turn around, and lie down in comfortably, but if your cat lies in the carrier most of the time and it's a little too low for him to stand with his head raised and you only use it for short times, don't worry too much. It really should be big enough for a cat to stand, turn, and lie down while a little cardboard box is in there (for a litterpan) if you plan on travelling for several hours.

You can always put the carrier in front of the airplane seat if it's too high. If you're worried about a space for your cat, ask the airline if they could put you in a seat with empty ones next to it if possible. Or you could pay for more seats if the flight is likely to be full--it could be a lot more comfortable for you and the cats. Try to avoid cargo, as cats are rather small and delicate; if you must use cargo, there are some good resources on how to minimize the risk of ending up with your cat uncomfortable, injured, lost, or dead. Here's one: http://www.helpinganimals.com/Factsh...play.asp?ID=31
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I saw the coolest thing for short trips.. It's a kitty carrier that's more like a picnic basket than a carrier.. it's apparently nicer for the cat too, (obviously not for a long trip) because carrying it is more natural than the swinging way we carry most cat carriers. they're available at petsmart.
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I saw the basket one at Petsmart, I thought it was neat. I also saw one that I really didn't like.... It was small and shaped like an arch. All it was was metal, or stainless I guess little bars all around. It is for you to put your cat in to give them a bath and cut their nails etc. There isn't any room for the cat to move. Therfore preventing them from fighting you. I think the top opened up and you are supposed to stick them in. I didn't like it, imo it looked like a little kitty jail. I don't know if anyone uses it, or if it's really a good idea, and I am missing it
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I have a large carrier and a small, soft sided carrier and to be honest, my cats prefer the small, soft sided carrier. They fight over that one! I think the smaller ones make them feel safer and more secure. Plus then they won't slide around in it. Of course you'd need a little larger one if you're on a long road trip so you can put a small litter pan in it. I've found the smaller the carrier the better though.
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