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Kitties going under the knife.

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Well, our two babies are going under the knife tomorrow. They are getting spayed. I hope that they will be ok. I know that they will probably be sore for a while (maybe then there will be some peace and quiet for a few days ). Is there any kind of special care that they will need after I bring them home? Thanks.

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A lot of love, a little patience... Are they spending the night after at the vet?

My vet doesn't like to keep cats overnight unless absolutely necessary. He says that cats recover much quicker in their homes... I had 3 cats spayed and one neutered, they all went to surgery and came home a few hours after and everything went all right...

When they wake up from the surgery they are a bit groggy... usually they are not hungry and walk around as if they were drunk. They may pee whenever they stand because they can't control very well the bladder while the anaesthetic doesn't wear off. All that is normal... Don't let them go out of the house while the vet hasn't take out the stitches. Other then that... nothing to do: they and you will be all right...

It takes about 12 hours for them to feel ok and start to be hungry.
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My little Rocky went to be neutered, today. Even though I know it is the right thing to do, and I wouldn`t have it any other way...there was a big lump in my throat as I drove him to the vet. Even now I am watching the clock for the time when I can pick him up.
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My baby will be spayed this wednesday, too. Tiggetoes, I feel the same...

Yumosh was going to be spayed 2 months ago, but one value in her blood work was at the border so she wasn't spayed at that time. (well, I was worried !) She had another bloodwork last weekend, this time 2 (but different) values are at the border. The vet says that, it isn't a problem, & those results could be seen in young cats, but I keep worrying

Dan 3:16; I think the vet will tell you not to do or to do. As far as I remember, they aren't feed for some time after the operation since they can vomit because of the anesthetic. With new technology, they don't even need their stitches to be removed. They usually recover psychologically within 24 hours & their skin sutures recover in a week or so.
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Dan and Dodo

I know how you feel. I had my guys done at the end of Aug. They came out fine though. Just make sure they cant get around any stairs as they are very unsteady on their feet. I didnt feed mine either untill later on in the evening. All the best with your babies.
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Dan, Tiggeytoes, how are your furry friends after the operation ??

We were told that Yumosh can have weak heart muscles since her heart rate during the operation was very low than normal Although she doesn't have any signs of a heart problem yet, I will take her to the vet this weekend to be sure. If she really has weak muscles, there must be something we can do this early !

After the spaying, she doesn't like to be touched as before. She walks away whenever I try to pet her ! It seems to me like she is angry with us because we left her to a foreign place & let "bad" people do "bad" things to her I can still brush her head but she doesn't kitty kiss me anymore

How about your kitties ??
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I am sorry to hear that Yumosh may have some problems that were dedtected in the surgery. How good it is that you know this as young as she is, and you will be able to do something about it if it is necessary! Our little Smudge has a heart murmer that we have to check on occasionally, but she seems to be doing well. Rocky came through the surgery like a trooper. When we went to the van to pick him up, he was in the cage right at the door and began calling to us as soon as he heard our voices and saw us. He was still a bit groggy and protective of his hind quarters the first 2 days, but he is back to his usual spitfire self, now. We tried to keep him in a portable kennel in the livingroom the first night, to keep him from the other cats, but he wouldn`t hear of it. He wanted out! We let him out(supervised) for a couple of hours, and the put him back in when we went to bed. He was fine the next morning...and ...as usual stirring up trouble with the other cats.
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